10 Fresh DIY Decor Trends Because We're Sick of Mason Jars

Look, we love Mason jars as much as the next girl — they're pretty much required home accessories if you live in Brooklyn. But after using those all-purpose jars for everything from cocktails to candles, we’ve had enough. It’s not you, Mason jar; it’s us. Of course, we still have DIY decor needs to fill, so we combed the depths of Pinterest to satisfy our crafty kicks. Keep reading for the freshest DIY trends to get on board with this year.

Image: Vitamini Handmade


Oh, chevron. How do we love thee? It’s the perfect, modern pattern for sprucing up just about anything at home, from drab curtains to bare walls.

Large Wall Stencil, $33, Amazon


If chevron isn’t your thing, maybe you need more polygons in your life. From bookshelves to this honeycomb wall by Vintage Revivals, the hexagon is where it’s at.

Paint Brush Set, $10, Amazon

Skinny Dipping

Not ready for a total paint job? Dip your toe in the water(color) with an easy dip dyeing project, courtesy of our friends at Swiish.

Green Acylic Paint, $11, Amazon

Large Metal Tub, $18, Amazon

All That Glitters

Plain porcelain? What do you think we are — commoners? Add a touch of class with gold leaf, like these gilded bowls at Vitamini Handmade.

White Ceramic Bowls - 8 Ct, $24, Amazon

Gold Leaf Pen Kit, $32, Amazon

Birds of Feather

Move over, pine cones. The natural trend du jour is the gold-dipped feather, like the ones at The Copenhaven. String them together on a garland or put them in a vase and channel your inner woodland sprite.

White Feathers, $5, Amazon

Liquid Metal Paint, $9, Amazon


Since we’re on a rustic kick, driftwood is a great raw material for your next project — maybe a wall hanger? Guaranteed to score you points with your lumberjack friends.

Driftwood, $36, Amazon

Out to Sea

Maybe you dream of maritime adventures, but the closest you’ve got are slush puddles after a snowstorm. Get nautical with this rope vase at Coordinately Yours.

Nautical Rope, $13, Amazon

Chalk It Up

Chalkboards aren’t just for hipster menus anymore. Paint a wall, a table, or a mirror— and while we’re getting chalk happy, try your hand at a one-of-a-kind garland.

Chalkboard Banner, $19, Amazon

Washi Tape

I’m convinced that you can do anything with washi tape. Want a bold wall accent? Done. Chic candles? You got it. A funky frame? Girl Loves Glam has just the thing.

Washi Tape Collection, $14, Amazon

The Bell Jar

Is there anything easier than putting knick knacks under a glass dome for a touch of quirky elegance? We didn’t think so.

Glass Cloche, $9, 22BayRoad