This Rescue Program Is Beyond Purr-fect

All rescue shelters should be commended for saving our mistreated and abandoned four-legged friends. But the Berks Animal Rescue League in Berks County, PA is by far the most adorable.

Reddit user dagorlad unveiled the shelter's adorableness by drawing attention to its "Book Buddies" program, where children are allowed to sit in with the furry felines and read to them. The human interaction is therapeutic for the cats, many of whom have experienced some sort of trauma in their nine lives.

The shelter allows any child in grades one to eight to stop in and read a book or two to the cats. According to the Berks Animal Rescue League, the program serves the dual purpose of improving the children's reading skills and soothing the cats, who enjoy the rhythmic sounds of a human voice.

As the Reddit thread blossomed and news spread, more photos were posted of the miniature volunteers with their fuzzy companions.

The shelter eventually posted on the thread themselves, and said their website was down from the intense traffic they received once the photos went online. To further help the animals and continue the program, people can donate to the Berks Animal Rescue League through their Amazon wish list. Take this as inspiration to visit your local shelter and share the love with some critters.

Images: Berks County Animal Rescue League