13 Mother’s Day Memes To Make Mom Laugh

by Meghan Bassett

Mother's Day is the one day you should be sickeningly sweet and lovey-dovey towards your mother so the next 364 days of your life are pleasant. Um, I don't think so. For one thing, you should always be sweet toward your mom, and for another, I think it's always better to laugh. So, whether you are planning a sweet brunch or sending her a killer gift, you need some Mother's Day memes to get in that Mother's Day mood. Who doesn't need memes to get yourself prepped for anything, after all?

Do you every wonder what's really going through your mom's head sometimes? As a child I never really thought about it, but as an adult, when she gives me a certain look, all I can wonder is what exactly is she thinking of me right now? I've narrowed it down to either "Oh my gosh, I can't believe this is my child" or "I spent eight hours in labor and this is what she does?" I swear my mother loves me. Most of the time.

A mother's love and approval is unlike anything else on this planet. So get into the Mother's Day frame of mind with these Mother's Day memes and remember Mother's Day is just one day. Make sure you are messing up the other 364 days so she can be proud.

1. Name isn't mom?

2. When you forget to get her something...

3. Presidential shoutout!

4. What all moms are really thinking

5. Nope, not creepy at all

6. You just can't

7. Oh, burn...

8. Prepare yourselves...

9. All day, everyday

10. Grumpy Cat Mother's Day

11. NOT on social media

12. Awkward pause

13. *mind blown*

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