11 Headbands We Would Have Loved In The '90s

I think many of us can agree that we were pretty fab in the '90s: Acid wash jackets were on, jelly shoes were rocked, stirrup pants were at the ready, and — most importantly — our accessory game was on fleek. Thankfully, those accessories are still in, and headbands from the '90s are back in fashion, too. Or at least, headbands we would've killed for back then. This means we can relive our childhood fashion heydays and still look hella cool. So get ready to rock those black velvet headbands with chokers and some lip balm and crush it.

When I think back to my accessories drawer from when I was in grade school, I get nothing but warm feelings. Overflowing with butterfly clips, zig-zag headbands, and velvet scrunchies coming in the most insane, psychedelic of patterns, it's a wonder any of those trends ever went out of style. But the real way to elevate our outfits from passable to queen-of-the-fourth-grade was with our headbands. And if we want a taste of that same kind of street-style power in our 20-something years, then we're in luck. It's time to recreate our '90s headwear looks for a fresh aesthetic. Below are 11 '90s inspired headbands our child selves would totally approve of.

1. Circle Wraps

Circle Wrap Headband, $10,

This is like our big sister's headband: Chic, sleek, and with intimidating metal accents. It's a good thing we're now mature enough to pull them off, ey?

2. Cloth Headband

Pieces Paisley Headband, $10,

Who didn't own a cloth headband back in the day? It was super Jessie from Saved By The Bell and would 100 percent go with our stirrup leggings.

3. Star Studded Band

Time To Shine Double Headband, $20,

It seemed like kitsch was the name of the game when we were growing up, which means this star-studded headband would have been pleaded for until our parents broke and got it for us. How fly would it look paired with a glitter tee?

4. Cosy Cord Headband

Cosy Cord Headband, $10,

"The bigger the better" was a mantra back in the '90s, and this headband ticks all the boxes of the decade. And what makes it even more perfect? It's made out of corduroy.

5. Shell Headband

Norma Shell Headband, $98,

This one is reminiscent of the headbands you'd make your parents buy you when you went on that cruise during summer break. Because how else was anyone going to know you did something cool over your vacation unless you had a little souvenir you could wear into the ground? Your sunburn wouldn't be enough!

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6. PomPoms

Pom Before The Storm Headband, $11,

Wear this one and Cher Horowitz herself will personally invite you to eat lunch with her.

7. Sequins Galore

Sequin Flower Headband, $25,

It's pink. It has sequins. It's about the size of a table cloth. And it has pop-up flowers decorated all over it. My grade school heart would flip over on its back if it saw this.

8. Leopard Wraps

Embellished Leopard Print Turbans, $25,

You can't beat leopard and sequins for when you're feeling saucy.

9. Bow Headbands

Johnny Loves Black Jamie Headband, $30,

I don't know about you, but I think this would have been the perfect thing to wear for school photos. Not only does it have a massive floppy bow (which is very Tia and Tamera), but it also makes a big statement thanks to its generous size. This one's for the biggest fashionista on the playground.

10. Graphic Pops

Graphic Color Pop Headscarf, $10,

We weren't ones to shy away from pattern clashing back in our day, and this headscarf would have been no exception. I can definitely imagine myself pairing this with a puppy print sweater and a pair of ill-fitting jeans.

11. Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh Headband, $24,

Reminiscent of Lizzie McGuire's beaded headbands, this metal mesh look could help you recreate your old grade school hair looks. Just maybe keep the thousand pigtail look that ol' McGuire liked to sport firmly in the past. That one might be just a little too rich for our blood.

Whether you would have preferred a chic wrap band or a kitschy glitter one, you can still have your pick of childhood headbands even if you're in your 20s. There are certain things that will just never go out of style.

Images: Courtesy Brands