Kylie Jenner Is Back At It Again With The Lip Kits

by Julia Musto

Daaaaamn, Kylie Jenner is back at it again with the matte lip kits! What color will her next Kylie Lip Kit matte color be? She wants you to choose! Jenner has always been very open about the creation of her kits and makeup line, as well as very willing to listen to the opinion of her fans and followers.

On Saturday, Jenner posted a picture on her Instagram with the eight existing different Lip Kit by Kylie matte lippies. The shades included Kourt K, Candy K, Dolce K, Koko K, Posie K, Mary Jo K, 22, and True Brown K. The photo was captioned, "What color would you like to see next for @kyliecosmetics?"

What with the recent popularity of matte black liquid lipstick and the fact that True Brown K and Dolce K are already a thing on Jenner's Kylie Cosmetics page (but still not in stock), I predict that a black matte in in our future.

However, that being said, Jenner has opted for more lighted nude and pink shades lately. We all saw her rock the metallic kits at Coachella with the rainbow braided hairdo. It is still the spring season and lighter color palettes are prevalent at the moment, so I'm not sure a deep black will actually be her next release.

Plus, why would you release the color that everyone wants first? I'd save it till the last possible moment, just to have it in my arsenal and keep the demand. This is just the art of war.. and matte lip kits.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So, if this is the case and I have to make an educated guess: a matte light sienna or bright pink flamingo could be two good options and would sell out for Summer '16 in a heartbeat. These two colors are completely unlike any of the previously released and sold out shades. Also, there's really no bright summer-y kits in the Kylie Cosmetics collection. The closest color would be "22" but that orange is more red-based and certainly less summery that a hot pink or something similar. Jenner should go for a bright kit!

Check out the current shades below and speculate for yourself, or grab some dupes and be ready for whatever Ms. Jenner has in store for poor helpless fashion bloggers like me!

Images: Instagram (3)