Time Will Tell If These Shadows Shall Come Back

When it comes to the release of highly-coveted beauty products, we can usually expect two things: Instant sell-out collections, and the ensuing despair over what will never be if we're a little too late clicking "check out." The Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette hit on May 1. And while it's not yet sold out, one can only assume that this won't be the case for much longer. Much like every beauty product Kylie Jenner releases sells out within minutes, if not seconds, Urban Decay is also known for sell-out products — shout-out to the Naked Vault 2. So in the event that this 20-hue shadow palette does sell out, will it be restocked?

As Allure reported of the Naked Vault 2 in 2015, the sold-out product was actually restocked at Urban Decay. Then it proceeded to sell out again. This should be a good indicator as to UD's history with restocking beloved products.

However, the difference between Naked Vault 2 and Through The Looking Glass collection is the timeliness factor. While the former is an evergreen product — something that can be utilized all year round — the latter is tied to a film that premieres on May 27. Momentum around the palette will likely peak in the immediate month before and after Tim Burton's movie release. Whether or not a restock would make sense from a business perspective will likely be down to the folks at Urban Decay to decide.

We shouldn't worry just yet, though. The palette is still available on, and will launch on,,, and come May 5. There's plenty of time to get your hands on these trippy colors before it's too late.

This isn't to say we should dilly dally, though. If there's anything Alice In Wonderland and its sequel can teach us, it's that things are never quite what they seem — and time works in mysterious ways.

Images: Urban Decay