Princess Charlotte Proves Barrettes Are Amazing

Whether you're a toddler or a grown 20-something, Princess Charlotte's hair barrettes should prove that these are the cutest hair accessories to own. In celebration of Princess Charlotte's first birthday — which is coming on May 2 — the Duchess of Cambridge, aka the ever-stylish Kate Middleton, took photos of her daughter and shared them with the world. According to the BBC, the "four photographs were taken in April at their family home in Norfolk," and this is the first time in almost a year that we've seen the little babe. The BBC added, "The princess was last seen in public at her christening last July — the first time the Cambridges had been seen as a family of four."

Considering that mama Middleton is known for her impeccable style, it only makes sense that Princess Charlotte would exude the same type of suaveness. Her 1-year-old outfits were totally on point for this shoot. As Us Weekly reported, "The fashionable tot wears two different tiny knit cardigans in the photos — one cream and one pink — over matching baby blue and baby pink dresses and tights by Amaia, a Spanish clothing line for kids. She even wears a little bow in her carefully-brushed hair." So she did a costume change halfway through? Now that's a kid after my own heart.

But let's take a closer look at the barrettes, shall we? Chances are you might have owned a clip or two in your childhood, but it might be high-time to bring them back into your daily style. I mean, if you're going to keep your hair out of your eyes, you might as well do it in a princess-approved way, right?

Below are seven barrette options we can wear at any age.

1. Princess Charlotte's Bows

Mini Felt Hair Bow Clip Set, $15,

Just because you've graduated from the playground doesn't mean you can't rock a solid bow on the side of your head.

2. Super-sized Bow

Teal Bow Hair Clip, $7,

Or you can get bold with your barrette and wear it super-sized on the back of your top knot.

3. Open Circle Barrette

Open Circle Barrette, $30,

Give your hairdo a touch of minimalism with a simple, geometric hair clip like this one.

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4. Pom Pom Clips

Fluffy Cream Hair Clips, $7,

Channel your inner Britney Spears circa the "Oops I Did It Again" video and snap on your best pom pom hair clips.

5. Geo Hair Clips

Triangle Hair Clips, $13,

Whether you want to give a pop of interest to a simple look or add some extra funk to a loud piece, there triangle clips are the way to do it.

6. Star Barrettes

Star Hair Pins, $9,

Who doesn't want to Big Dipper in their hair?

7. Sleek Barrettes

Sleek Slim Hair Barrette, $8.50,

Or you can go a more grown-up route with this sleek, chrome barrette.

Whichever one you fancy the most, one thing is clear: Princess Charlotte knows how to start a trend.

Images: Courtesy Brands