Kylie Jenner Just Got A Finger Tattoo

By this point, we all know that Kylie Jenner is a trend-setting beauty guru of the highest caliber. Whether we're talking metallic pouts, pastel wigs, or athleisure looks, everything Jenner touches turns sartorial gold. Now that Kylie Jenner has a finger tattoo, well, we should be expected the micro tattoo trend to hit our phalanges. As People reported, "The teen fashionista appeared to get her Mary Jo tattoo — in honor of her grandmother — touched up by JonBoy Tattoo in New York City’s West Village on [Apr. 30], as well as a new piece on her finger." Unfortunately, People adds, "Documented only on Snapchat, the mysterious pinky finger tattoo has yet to be revealed."

Jenner started getting inked in Aug. 2015, and has accumulated a series of mini tats in the time since, including itty bitty red hearts and professions of love. While we don't yet know what tattoo artist Jonathan "JonBoy" Valena of West 4 Tattoo has designed on the reality star turned beauty mogul's right pinky finger, there's no doubt in my mind that it's going to be turning heads. As Glamour reported, "[JonBoy's] tiny tattoos are so coveted, by the way, that we have a whole gallery dedicated to them."

After getting inked, things took a little turn. The 18-year-old tattooed JonBoy himself. According to Glamour, "The star inked a representation of her nickname, King Kylie, in the form of a K topped with a crown on the tattoo artist's forearm." Like we can presume her new finger tat to be, this one was small as well.

Only time will tell what this new pinky tat is. But one thing's for sure: Celebrity tattoos are huge right now, with young A-listers like Ariel Winter and Paris Jackson taking to the needle. Jenner is nothing if not a purveyor of trends, though. So whatever this pinky tat turns out to be, it's probably only one of many future ink jobs for King Kylie.

Update: Kylie posted a photo of the finished tattoo on Sunday, and it's just as cool as we could have imagined.