18 Summer Hats That Are Protective & Chic

It may be raining for the entirety of the next week, but I refuse to stop seeing summer. Flip flops, crop tops, swim suits, and summer hats are all in the horizon, and I can't wait for the first day when I can whip mine out, lay a towel out, and relax by the pool or beach. Or, you know, my apartment's rooftop since I live in the concrete jungle that is New York City.

April didn't bring too many showers, but now that it's May, it looks like the rain is coming back with a vengeance. Right when I was putting alway all my sweaters and boots, too. Always count in New York to crush my weather dreams. While the city is miserable during the snowy, windy winter months, there's nothing quite like summertime in the city. Drinks and brunch outside, picnics at Central Park, and visiting the Brooklyn Botanical Garden are on the list of fabulous activities the summer offers.

But beyond the super fun activities — I love summer because of the looks. We can finally ditch our chunky sweaters and clunky coats and spring for off the shoulder tops, midi skirts, and denim shorts. Above all, though, are summer hats. Not only are they painfully chic (I always pretend like I'm in a classic movie in one), but they're also integral for protecting your skin. While, of course, you should always be wearing sunscreen, a hat definitely helps for those long days out in the sun.

In honor of preserving our gorgeous skin, let's peruse some beautiful hats, shall we?

1. The Classic

Lack Of Color The Straw Big Wide Brim Straw Hat, $69,

I'm already smelling the salt in the sea.

2. The Elegant Bow

BP. Floppy Straw Hat, $24,

Picturing this with a perfect white sundress.

3. The Dark Blue

Brixton Joanna Hat, $48,

In case you're more a blue kinda gal.

4. The Structure

Lack of Color The Spencer Straw Boater Hat, $59,

For a more polished look.

5. The Subtle Pattern

Rag & Bone Straw Wide Brim Fedora, $225,

Love the little geomatric patterns on this one.

6. The Stripe

Phase 3 Striped Floppy Straw Hat, $34,

If you can't choose one color — Why not go with two?

7. The Tall Top

Madewell Pieced Straw Hat, $52,

This one's perfect if you want to rock an updo underneath.

8. The Dark Brown

Spring Gaucho Hat, $32,

In love with this color.

9. The Texture

J. Crew Textured Summer Straw Hat, $34.50,

So subtle, but so pretty.

10. The Neutral

Lack Of Color The Valley Straw Boater Hat, $79,

Obsessed with this one.

11. The Boater

Madeline Straw Boater Hat, $34,

Love this entire look.

12. The Subtle Stripe

Billabong Sideline Seas Natural Straw Hat, $29.95,

I'm hearing the waves...

13. The Chicest

Taffy Wide-Brim Straw Hat, $120,

This may just be my favorite one.

14. The Super Floppy

Aldo Floppy Straw Hat With Metal Charm Detail, $31,

So you can shade whoever you want.

15. The Tan

Keds Floppy Straw Hat, $30,

So simple and so chic.

16. The Pom Pom

Catarzi Straw Hat With Pom Pom Trim, $73,

This one is so much fun.

17. Lots Of Holes

Kimchi Blue Sun Daze Straw Floppy Hat, $34,

So boho chic.

18. The Pom Pom Part 2

Catarzi Straw Hat with Contrast Black Crown and Pom Pom Trim, $62,

Hi, I'm obsessed with this one.

If I was excited for summer before this, now I really can't wait. Good thing I've got some time to order these before it stops raining. Summer, I'm more than ready for you.