Vintage Style Rompers For Fun Days Out

In the fashion world, there's nothing quite like a romper. The little sister of jumpsuits, rompers are incredibly easy to wear and can be found in a variety of styles, from quirky retro rompers to contemporary, minimal rompers. There is a romper for every occasion. As its alternative name suggests, the playsuit is a garment to have fun in. There are no restrictions when it comes to wearing a romper or playsuit — aside from if you pick one that's too small and gives you a permanent wedgie in the back and the front simultaneously — you can go anywhere, do anything, and romp around to your heart's desire. Although rompers sometimes come across as whimsical, different styles evoke different emotions.

According to Metro, the playsuit has a glamorous history: In the 1930s playsuits were seen as sportswear, the '40s transformed them into beachwear, and starlets like Marilyn Monroe put a glam spin on the playsuit in the '50s. With such a varied history, it's no wonder that this simplistic suit can portray so many different moods and fit a multitude of tastes.

So if you want to ensure you have a fun day out, while looking foxy (but without worrying about flashing your knickers) here's a selection of charming retro rompers.

1. The Patch Playsuit

Petite Badge Short Dungaree, $85,

These nostalgic dungarees are great for anyone who wants to relive their childhood and remember the days when we used to DIY everything with patches.

2. The Psychedelic Romper

Print Georgette Playsuit, $64.95,

Batwing sleeves and a trippy, hippie print make for an awesome '70s style romper.

3. The Gingham Shirt Style

Retro Style Navy Blue & Beige Checkered Button Up Shirt Romper, $48,

If you're going for a rockabilly look, this androgynous shirt style romper will help you achieve a rock 'n' roll vibe.

4. The Sailor Style

Plus Size 1950s Style Blue Nautical Sailor Sleeveless Retro Stretch Romper, $62,

Sailor style fashion always slays in the retro stakes and makes for a great spring/summer staple.

5. The Baby Blue Bardot Romper

Asos Curve Bardot Romper With Sheering Detail, $36,

Unleash your inner Brigitte Bardot in a feminine, baby blue romper.

6. The Delectable Strawberry Print

You Grove, Girl Romper In Strawberries By Motel, $59.99,

Loom totally sweet in this strawberry print dress that's so kitsch and cute, it hurts!

7. The Cord Romper

Simply Be Cord Playsuit, $52.50,

If you don't want to look too far back down the fashion timeline, pick a cool '90s style playsuit for some major grunge vibes.

8. The Tropical Romper

Sourpuss Luau Vixen Romper, $50,

Go for a '50s pinup look in this hibiscus print, tropical romper that'll look great at a garden party or on the beach.

9. The Polka Dot Playsuit

Read It And Steep Romper In Red Polka Dot, $54.99,

Polka dots are a classic print and, when paired with red, look super striking. Wear a sultry red lipstick and you'll be channeling Marilyn Monroe in no time!

10. The Cherry Romper

Retro Style White & Red Cherries Convertible Stretch Romper, $52,

Cherries are synonymous with rockabilly fashions, yet this adorable style puts a feminine twist on the rockabilly style and softens its hard edginess.

11. The Fringed Playsuit

Fringed Long-sleeve Print Playsuit, $31.49,

The fashion of the 1970s was all about going big or going home with popular garments like bell-bottomed pants, flared sleeves, and giant platforms. Give a nod to the excess of the disco decade with a fabulous, fringed playsuit.

12. The Monochrome Romper

Lola High Neck Colour Block Playsuit, $26,

Be ready for wherever the day takes you in this color block romper that has a slight 1960s aura.

13. The Drape Shoulder Romper

Asos Curve Romper With Drape Shoulder, $26,

Going somewhere special? This cold shoulder romper is sure to take you there in style.

Whenever you're off romping, make sure to pop on your playsuit for some super functional vibes.

Images: Courtesy Brands