9 Shower Tricks For Dealing With Oily Hair

I was at a family function last week when my cousin turned to me and asked, “Does my hair look greasy? I’m on day four, and I’m hoping to get another day out of this wash.” I laughed in her face, as my own attempts to keep my hair from getting oily never let me go that long.

I've done a lot of research to find different ways to get rid of greasy hair because mine can get oily in a matter of hours. It turns out that your shower routine has a fair bit to do with it — especially if you're making a few common shower mistakes that cause oily hair. That being said, things like diet, stress levels, sleep patterns, genetics, and over-processing affect your hair, too. (And if oil is a reoccurring problem for you, all of those aforementioned factors are definitely worth looking into).

However, the glands in your scalp that produce (or over-produce, in this case) sebum respond almost immediately to the different ingredients that are applied, so perhaps it might be a good idea to take a look at the health information on your shampoo and conditioner; it’s very possible that they’re making the problem so much worse. Here’s a list of the shower mistakes to avoid (and the best ingredients to look for), so you can keep hair clean and healthy, way past day one.

Instead of Settling for So-So Formulas, Clean Deeper With Beer

Duffy's Brew Premium Craft Beer Shampoo , $19, Amazon

Yep, beer. Not only does it help to control oil, but it’s got tons of natural amino acids, proteins, and vitamins that help keep hair shiny and strong. Duffy's Brew beer shampoo is made from actual small-batch beers on the west coast; the hops, roasted barley, and malt add body, enhance shine, and have antiseptic qualities to keep hair extra clean. It’s also got acai, goji, and aloe to hydrate your hair, and because it’s free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates, you can rest easy knowing that you’re doing something great for your hair and your health. No, you won’t smell like beer — you’ll smell more like caramel undertones, and paired with balanced, clean hair, that’s a definite win.

Don't Let Heavy Oil Production Slide — Balance Oil Levels With Lemon

Desert Essence Organics Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo , $10, Amazon

Not only does lemon boost shine, but its astringent and toning qualities also help to balance oil production, so your scalp and roots won’t get too greasy. Desert Essence's lemon tea tree shampoo utilizes the winning combination of lemon and tea tree oil to break up excess dirt and oil and revitalize your scalp. It’s also got organic maca root to strengthen strands, and reviewers say that they no longer have to choose between dry and frizzy or moisturized and oily. This one provides a great combination (all without the silicones, parabens, and sulfates), and it has a lovely coconut smell, too.

Imbalanced pH Levels? Reset The Balance With Baking Soda

Clear It Up Detox Shampoo , $21, Amazon

Baking soda is another pH-balancer, and that’s why people are really starting to utilize it as an active ingredient in haircare. Clear It Up's detox shampoo includes baking soda and vitamins C and E to clean, deodorize, and remove build-up, but without harsh soaps or parabens. This one’s especially good for color-treated hair, as its natural ingredients help to keep it vibrant and shiny. Reviewers say that sweat, haircare products, and oil are no match for this shampoo, which leaves hair soft, lightweight, and clean-feeling without drying it out.

If Your Conditioner Strips Away Natural Oils, Hydrate With Honey

Healthy Hair Cleansing Conditioner , $19, Amazon

When I used basic shampoos, I found that my hair was ultra dry for the first two hours, and then, all at once, a wave of oil would hit. I eventually found out that it was because I was stripping the natural oils from my scalp. This caused my body to mass-produce more in an attempt to compensate, and that’s when I switched to a cleansing conditioner. Healthy Hair's cleansing conditioner thoroughly cleans your hair while keeping natural oils intact. And because it uses grease-controlling ingredients like aloe and Manuka honey, it’s especially great for oily hair. It’s organic and sulfate/paraben-free, and because it’s much gentler than other shampoos, it hydrates, moisturizes, reverses damage, and promotes growth, all while keeping your hair feeling cleaner for longer.

Instead of Letting Oiliness Build Up, Absorb With Egg Treatment

Babyshka Agafja Egg Yolk Restorative Mask , $11, Amazon

I know what you’re thinking, but trust me on this one: Egg yolk is absolutely incredible for all kinds of hair because of its nourishing proteins, and they're especially great for oily hair, as they contain bacteria-eating enzymes that help keep oil at bay. Babyshka Agafja's egg yolk mask contains eggs, burdock, and onions — a recipe originally created by the Siberian herbal healer Agafia Ermakova. This hair mask is entirely natural, and it helps with cell-renewal, moisturizing, and nourishment, as well. Reviewers say their hair looked healthier after just one use, and if you’re on board for trying something a little daring, this should definitely be it.

Not Washing Away Your Products? Deep Clean With Apple Cider Vinegar

Natural First Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse , $15, Amazon

Apple cider vinegar is turning out to be one of those things that’s good for just about everything, oily hair included. The acidity helps to balance the natural pH of your scalp so that your hair creates less oil. That's why Natural First's organic apple cider vinegar rinse is a great solution for those who want an extra day out of their wash. It’s made with organic apple cider vinegar and oolong tea, which remove dirt, buildup, and oils without stripping your hair of nutrients. The natural antioxidants add shine and body to your hair, and reviewers say their hair looks smooth, healthy, and clean.

If Sebum Production Is Off, Regulate Levels With French Cypress

Degrease Shampoo , $17, Amazon

This 100 percent natural solution uses ingredients that help balance sebum production levels, like rosemary, jojoba, argan oil, lemon, and basil. It’s also got French Cypress, which works to combat excessive perspiration and oil from the scalp, while botanical keratin helps restore strength in otherwise damaged and frizzy hair. Not only does it help reduce oil instantly, but it also helps to fix the problem at its root (no pun intended).

Don't Let Roots Dry Out — Cleanse & Replenish Scalp With Aloe Vera

Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel , $16, Amazon

Aloe vera is another great natural remedy for greasy hair, as it’s filled with cleansing enzymes that help unclog your pores and remove excess oil. Earth’s Daughter's aloe vera gel has no parabens, petrochemicals, or synthetic fragrances or colors — it’s 99.75 percent pure, cold-pressed aloe vera. That means it absorbs quickly and effectively into your hair to beat oil and hydrate roots. It comes in an easy-squeeze bottle for convenience and simple application, and because it’s super high quality and extremely effective, reviewers use it on everything from scars to sunburns.

Instead of Over-Drying Scalp To Stop Oil, Tone With Witch Hazel

Maple Holistics Witch Hazel Toner , $8, Amazon

Witch hazel is a natural astringent, which means it controls oil and tightens pores, but it does so without any of the added chemicals and harsh ingredients of other oil-controlling solutions. This particular witch hazel toner is a 100 percent natural solution made from witch hazel, aloe vera, and lavender, but it includes absolutely no alcohol whatsoever (which has a tendency to cause dryness and damage). It was originally made for skin, but because of its moisturizing and pH-balancing qualities, it’s incredible for hair as well. Reviewers say it should be a staple in everyone’s beauty cabinet because it’s both natural and extremely effective.

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