Denim Separates For Doubling Up Or Rocking Alone

Double denim either makes you squirm or turns you into the heart eye emoji — there is no in between. If you fall into the latter category, you'll be pleased to hear that it's time to rock double denim again. The love it or loathe it trend made its most memorable mark on the fashion world when Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore double denim at the 2001 American Music Awards. However many celebs in the '90s sported double denim, from Tia & Tamara to Johnny Depp. The 1990s was a bizarre fashion period, when you could find basically anything made out of denim. Although we might have looked odd with our tiny denim handbags and our denim sandals, at least we tried to stick to a theme. Bless us.

More recently, Missy Elliott wore a denim outfit to accept her Grammy Award for "Lose Control" and Kendall Jenner has flaunted double denim on numerous occasions, proving that it's possible to look totally chic wearing this once dweeb-like trend. Fast forward to spring 2016 and Glamour has confirmed that double denim is back with a vengeance, reporting that, "...we're of the firm opinion that twice as much denim is twice as good..."

So if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Or at least gradually work some denim and denim inspired chambray into your wardrobe. Here are some epic separates you can double up on or wear alone.

1. The Chambray Top

Jack By BB Dakota Ferrara Top, $65, Shopbop

Make dressing in summer a breeze in this cute, minimalistic chambray top.

2. The Chambray Skater

Plus Size Chambray Skater Skirt, $20, Forever 21

Pair your chambray shirt with this sweet skater for a light denim look that's perfect for spring.

3. The Ripped Dress

Denim T-Shirt Dress Indigo, $60, Missguided

Never mind ripped jeans, a ripped denim dress is the new stylish kid on the block.

4. The Simple Chambray Tank

Plus Size Chambray Tank Top, $18, Forever 21

Sometimes less is more and this is definitely the case for this cool chambray tank top.

5. The Denim Vest

BDG Girlfriend Denim Vest, $69, Urban Outfitters

Add a little edginess to your outfit with a classic denim vest.

6. The Cold Shoulder Shirt

Asos Curve Denim Shirt With Cold Shoulder In MidWash Blue, $52, ASOS

Combine two trends together with a cold shoulder denim shirt.

7. The Embroidered Top

Pepe Jeans V Neck Denim Top With Embrodery, $98, ASOS

A spot of ethereal embroidery gives denim a whimsical vibe.

8. The Crotchet Trim Shorts

Torrid Skinny Short Shorts – Light Wash With Crochet Trim, $38, Torrid

Crotchet trim gives a pair of denim shorts a feminine flourish.

9. The Frilly Top

Asos Denim Off Shoulder Top With Frill Detail In Mid Wash Blue, $49, ASOS

Denim gets super girly when formed into frills and worn off the shoulder.

10. The Pinafore Dress

Asos Curve Denim Mini Pinafore Dress In Blue, $49, ASOS

Pop a cartoony tee under this pinafore dress for some fun, nostalgic vibes.

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11. The Foiled Skirt

MOTO Denim Foiled Skirt, $68, Topshop

Exude futuristic vibes in this holographic foiled denim skirt to be the coolest space babe around.

12. The Multi-Denim Shirt

Asos Curve Denim Shirt In Color Block, $57, ASOS

This shirt can basically live out all of your double denim desires in one garment.

13. The Casual Snap Front Dress

Jack By BB Dakota Jacomina Dress, $80, Shopbop

Make mornings easy by slipping into a casual chambray snap front dress.

14. The Denim Bag

Silence + Noise Dorothee Denim Crossbody Bag, $34, Urban Outfitters

Wearing this quirky denim bag with your favorite jeans is the best way to ease yourself into the double denim trend.

15. The Bib Shirt

Asos Denim Shirt With Ruffle Bib Detail, $49, ASOS

Put an eccentric twist on the traditional denim shirt by picking an unusual style like this charming, ruffled bib shirt.

16. The Denim Corset

Floral Denim Corset Top, $36, Torrid

Corsets needn't be saved solely for the bedroom, as proven by this floral denim style.

17. The Sequin Jeans

MOTO Rio Sequin Mom Jeans, $90, Topshop

If formal wear isn't your bag, these sophisticated, sequin jeans are sure to be right up your street.

18. The Heck Yes Jacket

US By Understated Leather For UO Slogan Denim Trucker Jacket, $239, Urban Outfitters

Make a statement in this "Heck Yes" trucker jacket on days when you feel like being a bad girl.

19. The Cropped Jacket

Torrid White Label Cropped Denim Jacket – Dark Wash, $40, Torrid

If you fancy your denim jacket with a little less androgyny, choose this cropped style to soften the impact.

20. The Peekaboo Playsuit

Denim Plunge Playsuit Light Stone Blue, $59, Missguided

This cutout playsuit is a hole load of fun!

21. The Denim Jumpsuit

Plus Size Denim Jumpsuit, $40, Forever 21

A plus size jump suit makes for an ideal blank canvas to accessorize and completely change the feel of your entire outfit. Dress it up, dress it down, or lounge around in it – there are endless possibilities when it comes to a denim jumpsuit.

Whether double denim does it for you or not, there's no denying these blue denim and chambray separates would work well in any wardrobe!

Images: Courtesy Brands