9 Expert Tricks For Your Most Common Hair Problems

When it comes to styling hair, there are a lot of things that can easily throw off the perfect hair day. The desire to fix a bad hair day can start with anything from heading out into humid weather to sleeping in a weird way — no matter the reason, it's totally frustrating. But when you have the best tips for bad hair days on lock, taming your hair becomes no biggie.

The good news? It's pretty easy to master most common hair problems. These essential hair solutions are simple, affordable, and will give you the healthiest and most manageable hair you've had to date. If you've been looking for hair hacks that will make shorter styles grow into long, luscious locks, you may be shocked to find out that you can speed up the process by applying a repairing serum to your ends to keep them from breaking. Or, if your challenge is that you have hair that tends to fall flat, I found the perfect plumping hairspray. It gives you major volume and a lightweight hold, which keeps your favorite style locked in.

Read on, and get ready to eliminate unnecessary hair drama from your life for good.

Problem #1: Hair Takes Forever To Grow— Treat Split Ends With Karité Oil

Rene Furterer Karité Repairing Serum , $18, Amazon

If it seems like someone hit pause on your hair growth, split ends could be to blame. Aside from regular trims, get better hair results by simply applying a serum infused with Karité, a natural ingredient that protects brittle hair from UV rays and produces a luminous shine, onto your ends. The formula repairs damaged hair and prevents split ends from creeping up in the future.

Problem #2: Hair With Pesky Tangles

Remove Knots While Conditioning With Keratin Amino Acids

Enjoy Conditioning Spray , $19, Amazon

From the moment you step out of the shower until you crawl into bed at night, you seem to be constantly fighting through knots. If this sounds like your daily struggle, this conditioning leave-in detangler will be your new bad hair day fix. It works through your worst knots with keratin amino acids, which work by strengthening hair from the inside out. One user calls this conditioning formula "magic spray" because she's noticed significant improvements in her hair from regular use. She said, "This spray coats your hair and protects it from heat like no other. Whenever I run out (because this stuff is very hard to find) I can tell the difference immediately."

...And Work Through Your Hair Using A Salon-Strength Tangle Brush

Tangle Teezer Salon Elite , $12, Amazon

Using just any brush for smoothing out knots can result in unwanted breakage and hard-to-undo damage from harsh tension on your strands. This innovative tangle brush, though, is great for any hair type, and it will smooth out the most difficult areas that pop up after showering, swimming, or working out. It works by carefully smoothing down the hair's cuticle, so your strands look sleek and shiny instead of knotty.

Problem #3: Hair That Falls Flat — Plump Roots With Thickening Bamboo Extract

Not Your Mother's She's A Tease Volumizing Hairspray , $7, Amazon

One of the most common hair problems women face at one time or another is a lack of volume. Luckily, this thickening and plumping hairspray is infused with bamboo leaf extract, which restores moisture to dried-out hair and stimulates collagen growth, resulting in shinier hair. Apple extract also lends a pleasant aroma, so this lightweight hold smells fresh all day long. One pleased user said even the bottle's powerful nozzle packs a punch, and another said, "I had switched brands several times trying to find something with hold and volume that wasn't sticky. This was finally it."

Problem #4: Roots Peek Through Highlights — Touch-Up Sprays Prolong Color & Absorb Oil

Salon in a Bottle Root Touch up Hair Spray (Dark Brown) , $25, Amazon; Oribe Hair Care Root Touch Up Spray (Blonde), $29, Amazon

When your color treatment starts growing out, a root touch-up spray can help you keep the look you want for longer. The Salon in a Bottle root touch-up spray gives you more than 50 applications in one bottle, and it contains vitamin E, chamomile, and green tea extracts to keep your hair healthy and nourished as it adds vibrancy to color. It's swim-proof, smudge-proof, and lasts from shampoo to shampoo without feeling sticky. If you're dealing with lighter hues, Oribe's touch-up spray is a great solution. It's packed with rice starch to absorb grease and dirt, while its micropigmented formula ensures color blends in seamlessly. (Bonus: Oribe's formula is available in five different color shades, including red, black, and light brown, so you're bound to find your match.)

Problem #5: Hair Color Fades Too Fast — Coconut Oil-Derived Cleansers Retain Vibrancy

Kenra Color Mainten ance Shampoo , $15, Am azon

If stepping out of the salon with your fresh hair color has you feeling like a queen — only to have it fade in days — you need to switch to a powerful color-protective formula ASAP. This color-extending shampoo is a great place to start, as it will gently clean without stripping hair color, and it will make hair way more shiny and vibrant post-shower with coconut oil-derived cleansers and botanical extracts, such as rosemary, birch, and lemon balm. If your hair has suffered some inevitable damage from chemical treatments, this shampoo will also help get it back to its normal texture and strength.

...And Condition Color-Treated Hair With Moisturizing Beeswax

Living Proof Restore Mask Trea tment , $26, Ama zon

Hair that is dull and damaged won't display the bright, vibrant color that you want, no matter how recently you visited the salon. By using this weightless conditioning treatment containing beeswax at least once a week, you'll erase the harsh effects of dying your hair and have strands that are 20 times stronger. Plus, you'll see the noticeable results after the first time you use the mask. One user called this conditioning treatment "hope in a jar" because it made her stripped hair feel completely soft and shiny.

Problem #6: Hair Doesn't Stand Up To Weather — Use Humidity-Resistant, Jasmine-Packed Frizz Serum

Bed Head Control Freak Seru m by TIGI , $12, Am azon

To keep your fly-aways under control, apply this lightweight humidity-fighting serum that won't make your roots feel greasy or weighed down. It's packed with jasmine and kiwi extract so hair smells fresh, and one user says due to her "unpredictable" hair, she "cannot live without this product." Sleek, smooth, and frizz-free hair is definitely possible.

...And Keep Curls From Fluffing With Frizz-Smoothing Mousse

Color Proof Curly Locks Color Protect Curl Mousse, $18, Amazon

Curly haired girls know the true struggles of how weather can make things go from 0 to 100 real quick. In those cases, this frizz-fighting mousse is a total game changer. The formula enhances your natural curl patterns by using a sugar cane formula, which activates curl memory for defined shape and structure. This lightweight mousse is also completely humidity-resistant and makes dry, frizzy hair smooth and shiny with rare essential oils that deeply nourish.

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