Karlie At The Met Gala Is What Dreams Are Made Of

What's not to love about Karlie Kloss at the 2016 Met Gala? If you weren't already a fan of the supermodel for her work with coding, impressive YouTube prowess, or TIME 100 mention, then first of all — you should be. And second of all — you've probably at least noticed Kloss as a red carpet staple these days. The model is the A-list of the A-list and if there's a giant party of fashionable famous people going on, it's almost guaranteed that Kloss will be there wearing something fabulous. This year's Met Gala is clearly no different.

Wearing a high-neck white gown that was completely chic and modern while echoing retro themes, Kloss made a bold choice by choosing something that featured a lot of fabric and was 100 percent runway-ready. However, in comparison to what Kloss usually wears on red carpets, it still seemed to be in tune with her personal style. The model loves solid colors and clean lines, and this look doesn't disappoint. Granted, this is the Met Ball AKA the ultimate time to experiment boldly with style, but given that Kloss paired the look with a light-up, tech-inspired clutch, I think the look delivers. In any case, Kloss' look is head-to-toe glam in the the best way possible and the simple, but thoughtful details really reflect the model's personality and sense of style effortlessly. See for yourself.

Stunning, right?

Oh, and surprise — there's more to the gown than meets the eye