8 Best Wearable Fitness Trackers That Are Stylish

When it comes to staying active while still getting to wear a polished, put-together outfit, it can be tough to strike a balance. But rocking fashionable wearable tech is an excellent way to cover both bases, which is why I rounded up the best wearable fitness trackers that are available now. These cool, sporty bands can help you keep up with your workout goals — without sacrificing your personal style in the process.

Whether you want a band that can hold up against even the most hardcore workouts, or you're looking for an office-friendly, chic leather bracelet tracker, there's a design to meet your specific needs. The best part about these trackers? Their handy features offer you everything from your own personal fitness coach to silent alarms that know the exact time your body should wake up (and some even offer the option to stay connected to your texts and phone notifications while you're on the move).

With these motivating, exercise-friendly accessories, you'll have one more reason to swap the elevator for the stairs, walk an extra few blocks to your favorite lunch spot, and actually follow through on the spin class your friend's been bugging you about. Ahead, check out the best fitness trackers that don't compromise on style one bit.

1. Lightweight Fit With Extended Battery Life & 'Smart Alarm' Technology

UP2 by Jawbone Activity + Sleep Tracker, Orchid Circle, $100, Amazon

This lightweight tracker comes with two unique and awesome features: a 'Smart Coach' that gives you specific goals to reach for and Smart Alarm technology, which will have you rolling out of bed happier and healthier, thanks to its ability to softly wake you by vibration at the optimal moment in your sleep cycle. Plus, you won't have to worry about charging this accessory daily because it comes with extended battery life that lasts ten days. One user gave this fitness tracker top ratings for making her "more active" throughout the day, especially with the help of its easy-to-use app.

2. Chic Stainless Steel & Leather With Weekly Fit Challenges

Fossil Q Dreamer Leather Activity Tracker Bracelet, $95, Amazon

This bracelet's so beautifully designed that I'd probably buy it sans fitness tracker! That being said, if you don't frequent the gym but want to track your activity and movement throughout the day, this stylish band will be your best new accessory. The stainless steel and leather activity bracelet records all of the usual steps of a fitness tracker, plus, it prompts you to complete creative weekly challenges. All the motivation you'd ever need is now right on your wrist, and this one's battery life will last a whole week.

3. Water Resistant, Minimalist Design Monitors Your Specific Activities

Misfit Ray- Fitness + Sleep Tracker with Sport Band (Carbon Black), $100, Amazon

I appreciate the ability to stay motivated towards reaching my own fitness goals without having to shout it to the world — and this subtle band does just that. This fitness and sleep tracker keeps things low-key with minimalist design that stays sophisticatedly simple and discreet on your wrist, all while it tracks your specific activities throughout the day. More than just counting steps, this band can decipher your specific exercises, like cycling or swimming. Not feeling the sport band? This tracker can go on most of your favorite accessories (like necklaces and watch bands) for a look that's always on trend.

4. Customizable Band With Tappable Display & Silent Alarm Feature

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker, Silver/Teal, Small, $130, Amazon

No matter what look you're going for, this fun, customizable fitness tracker has a wristband option to match the occasion. You can choose from metal, leather, or sport bands and give this tracker a fashion-friendly and customized look. You can easily see your daily activity of how many steps you took and how many calories you burned via the tappable display. Plus, at night, you can monitor your sleep and set a silent alarm that finally gets you back to enjoying (instead of dreading) that wakeup song of yours.

5. Comfortable Smart Watch With Built-In Tracker

Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch, $150, Amazon

If you feel like your face is glued to your phone during the week as you constantly check notifications, incoming texts, and appointments on your calendar, you can now do it all just by peeking at this sleek, splash-proof accessory. This stylish and comfortable smart watch comes with the Pebble Health feature, too, which records your everyday health and fitness data for daily and weekly reports. One user gave this watch a great review, saying she even sold her Apple Watch for this easy-to-use Pebble watch. The watch's charge lasts two days, and it only takes 15 minutes to fully boot it back up.

6. Sleek Black & Gold Design With Heart Rate Monitor

A9 Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch Fitness Tracker, $82, Amazon

This black and gold fitness tracker looks (and acts) like your favorite smart watch and adds a touch of style to any outfit, all while keeping your fitness goals on schedule. It has a helpful sleep monitor, daily movement tracker, and heart monitor, and it even syncs up to your smartphone to allow you to answer calls and check messages without using your phone. Bonus: This tracker is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about taking it off before your next walk on the beach.

7. Watch With Fitness Tracking & 8-Month Battery Life

Withings Activité Pop - Activity and Sle ep Tracking Watch , $142, Ama zon

If you're looking for an actual watch to keep you on time, but you still want the extra benefits of tracking your exercise or seeing how many hours you're sleeping, this bright fitness accessory is the most fashion-friendly way to have the best of both worlds. Another perk is this watch's eight-month battery life, so you'll never have to worry about it missing a single piece of your goal-achieving activity info. Users give this watch rave reviews for being waterproof, discreet, and stylish — all at a price they're happy with.

8. Activity-Ready Smart Watch Real-Time Coaching

Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch, Black (US Version), $149, Amazon

If you want a personal trainer without the steep prices, this activity watch by Samsung has a built-in coach to help you achieve your goals. It's also dust- and water-resistant, so it's perfect to wear during any type of activity. With this sporty-looking band, you'll be able to stay connected while exercising and reply to text messages and receive notifications straight from your phone.

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