8 Spa-Level Skincare Tips To Use Before Bed

I went to a spa just once in my life. It was my best friend’s 16th birthday, and while I really liked the feel of the mud mask and massage chair, I wasn’t entirely a fan of the whole stranger-picking-at-my-skin thing. Thankfully, it’s very possible to get spa facials at home, especially when you try these at-home spa tricks right before bed!

Plus, what better time for applying the best spa skincare tips than directly before bed? That way, you can go to sleep relaxed and without stress, and wake up in the morning with glowing, beautiful skin. At the end of the day, it all comes down to healthy habits and safe, nourishing ingredients. Anyone who’s ever spent the slightest amount of time in my presence knows that I’m all about the natural stuff; if I can fix something DIY-style, without chemicals or medications, you better believe I’m on board.

That’s why I compiled a list of my favorite natural tricks and tips for creating a spa-like experience at home — one that will heal, nourish, and hydrate skin, all with minimal chemicals and without synthetic ingredients. Implement a few of these habits into your before-bed skincare routine, go to sleep feeling great, and hopefully, when morning comes, you’ll have had a total skin transformation.

Tone Skin With Organic Rose Water

Anthroposophe USDA Certified Organic Rose Water, $19, Amazon

Rose water makes an incredible all-natural toner, as it helps to balance pH levels and deliver antioxidants and nutrients to the skin. This particular formula contains nothing but 100 percent pure, organic, high-quality rosewater without chemicals or additives, which means all of the water’s healing properties are still intact. This stuff is ideal for cleansing, moisturizing, soothing, and toning both oily and dry skin alike. It comes in a spray bottle which makes the solution especially easy to apply, and reviewers say it smells absolutely heavenly and helps their skin better absorb any product.

Cleanse With A Charcoal-Infused Face Wash

Barbary Ultimate Charcoal Face Wash, $20, Amazon

Activated charcoal is picking up steam right now because it’s thought to pull impurities out through the surface of the skin like a magnet. This Barbary Ultimate charcoal face wash contains activated charcoal, but it also contains coconut oil, organic orange peel, assorted tea, and organic aloe vera to give a cooling, hydrating, and healing spa feel to your nightly face washing routine. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and because its great texture leaves your face feeling smooth and looking fresh, reviewers have given this one nearly perfect ratings.

Remove Impurities With An At-Home Facial Sauna

Conair Facial Sauna System, $22, Amazon

Sweating is healthy, and that’s why people spend time at the sauna. Conair's facial sauna system brings the sauna to you with convenient steam facials right at home. It delivers a concentrated hot mist to your face, which opens up your pores and pushes oils and impurities to the surface. This particular unit also comes with an automatic timer and facial brush, and it’s also great to open sinuses and clear allergies. Some reviewers say they dilute essential oils into the steam for the ultimate spa experience, leaving skin looking glowing and clear, and pores tighter and smaller.

Heal And Moisturize Skin With Aloe Vera

Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel, $16, Amazon

Aloe vera is great on skin because it eases inflammation, delivers antioxidants and nutrients, and forms a protective layer to keep in moisture. However, don't assume it's only relevant when you're crispy from the beach. This formula contains organic, cold-pressed aloe vera gel that’s been minimally processed to keep the plant’s healing properties as powerful as ever. Unlike other brands, this one contains absolutely no chemicals, thickeners, alcohol, or synthetic fragrances or colors. It also comes in a squeeze bottle for easy application to your face (or anywhere else), If applied before bed, there's a great chance your skin will be radiant and glowing by morning.

Have The Ultimate Spa Experience With A Dead Sea Mud Mask

Grace & Stella Co. Dead Sea Mud Mask , $14, Amazon

What’s a spa experience without a mud mask? This Grace & Stella Co. mask is entirely, 100 percent natural. It’s almost entirely comprised of mud from the Dead Sea, which means it’s loaded with skin-healing minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, and iron. It's also packed with jojoba oil, shea butter, and aloe vera juice, helping your skin become refreshed and replenished as the mud draws out impurities. Not only does it detoxify skin, but it can help heal acne, reduce blackheads, and moisturize pores for a fresher, clearer look by morning.

Brush Skin For Circulation And Detoxification

Natural Dry Body Brush & Face Brush, $20, Amazon

Body brushing is exceptionally popular right now because when you start body brushing, it can increase circulation, stimulate the lymph system, exfoliate dead skin cells, and encourage detoxification. All of this means better overall health, as well as better skin. This body and face brush set comes with everything you need to get started. The bigger body brush and smaller facial brush are both made from all-natural boar bristles, and the handles are made from luxurious and comfortable Chinese cherry wood. The set also includes a drawstring bag for easy, sanitary storage (especially as the handle and brush heads can be detached), and reviewers say it feels great and helps skin look invigorated and healthy.

Take A Sea-Salt Bath For Smoother Skin

Oatmeal Honey Bath Salts, $16, Amazon

Pores are especially absorbent in hot and wet environments, so why not take advantage of a relaxing bath to get the most out of your skincare regiment? These oatmeal honey salts are made with pure Pacific sea salts, which ease muscles, relax the mind, detoxify the body, and smooth and soften skin. These salts are infused with vitamin E and aloe, but they contain no parabens or phthalates. Reviewers say these salts improved their entire bath experience tenfold, and because the honey and oatmeal scent is relaxing but subtle, you can go to sleep feeling calm and pampered — and be refreshed by morning.

Utilize Egg Whites To Remove Blackheads

Mistine Egg White Peel Off Mask, $7, Amazon

Egg whites contain a skin-toning protein called albumin, which shrinks pores, controls sebum production, and prevents wrinkles. This Mistine peel off mask contains that very same protein, but in the form of a fun and easy peel-off mask that removes blackheads, evens skin tone, and treats acne. Skin is left softer and smoother and pores look cleaner. Even users with extra-sensitive skin found this mask to be soothing and non-irritating. Simply apply to dry, clean skin, leave it on for 20 minutes, and peel off.

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