11 Things You Probably Miss About '90s Fashion

Having nostalgia for the '90s is basically a standard for our generation. From following '90s fashion trends to bringing back tattoo chokers, it's kind of hard to think of any '90s clothing trends left to miss, because we've pretty much brought them all back. With a little consideration, however, I started to think of a whole host of things to miss about our pre-millennium clothing practices. After all, there's no way fast fashion stores could ever recreate everything from Millennials' favorite decade.

While many of these are my own personal gripes related to long-gone '90s fashion, hopefully they are thoughts that resonate with every '90s kid. Remember when shopping for authentic 1990s fashion was extremely easy, because we were living in the decade in question so the clothing was automatically authentic? Before everything was an Instagrammable trend, before Snapchat could capture your very worst day, and before your best mates would snap the holes in your tights, there was genuine '90s fashion.

It was a simpler time — both for living and for dressing. Although so-called fashion rules existed, there were no online magazines or trending tags to reinforce them in every aspect of our lives. So let's take a look back at all the things we likely miss from the days of our childhoods.

1. Real Flannel Shirts

Vintage Flannel Button Down, $25,

Real flannels were infinitely better than the poorly-made fast fashion ones we use today to achieve the same look. Top tip: Shop for men's flannels. In my experience, they're usually cozier and better quality. Thanks patriarchy, but you played yourself.

2. Thrift Shopping Before It Was Trendy

Thrift shopping when it was still kind of embarrassing was actually everything.

3. Rolled-Up Jeans Before They Were Trendy

501 Levi Jeans, $62,

To be honest, any '90s trend that was just living its life, rather than experiencing a hipster-like resurge in popularity in 2016, was #FashionGoals.

4. Tie-Dyeing By Hand

It was a process that made a T-shirt better and made a boring afternoon more fun. Today, the ready-made, tie-dye tees are way better designed than anything your backyard experiments ever produced. But nothing beats the process.

5. Your Boyfriend's Clothing

The days when "boyfriend jeans" or "boyfriend jacket" actually meant your boyfriend's clothes.

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6. Homemade Friendship Bracelets

This was another fun activity that I hope kids today still partake in, even though I know 14-year-olds probably feel too cool to wear these now.

7. Unironic Slogan T-Shirts

'90s Nike Slogan T-Shirt, $28.63,

I swear irony was reinvented in the past few years so people could claim it for anything vaguely "uncool" about their appearance.

8. Simpsons Merch

Bart Simpson Cleveland Browns T-Shirt, $38,

Nothing beat having The Simpsons ~everything~ when the show was actually good.

9. Real Prices Instead Of Upcycled Ones

Why does a vintage label in 2016 come with an automatic $20 price increase?

10. Patches On Clothing

Levi's Jean Jacket With '90s Appliques, $56,

Although patches are kind of experiencing an underground comeback right now — that I'm entirely for — ready-sewn patches on denim jackets in 2016 make me die inside.

11. Off Days

Like I said, Snapchat has scared me sh*tless when it comes to being seen in public on an "off day." Casualness has become sort of contrived, because my #nomakeupmonday pic still has three filters on it, at least.

This might read like I'm hating on contemporary fashion, but I'm not. I adore being a 20-something in 2016. I just miss the freedom and cheapness of a time before cell phone cameras and fashion bloggers.

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