How To Buy Jeffree Star's Skin Frost Highlighters

Indie cosmetic brands are absolutely my jam. Besides getting edgy, trendy colors and amazing quality for reasonable prices, supporting indie brands also supports solo entrepreneurs. One of my favorite indie beauty creators to support is Jeffree Star, and this spring, he's giving us something new to be excited about. Here's how to buy Jeffree Star's Skin Frost Highlighters, because you absolutely need them for the warmer months ahead.

Jeffree Star has been teasing his latest product in his cosmetic line for what feels like forever. ICYMI, he was a big deal back in the MySpace days, and since then, has taken over the cosmetic and beauty vlogger world. His makeup brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, is best known for its Velour Liquid Lipsticks, but is now expanding to include highlighters called Jeffree Star Cosmetic Skin Frost.

Jefferee Star Skin Frost Highlighter, $29, Jefferee Star Cosmetics

The ultra large highlighters come in shades for every skin tone. The thirteen shades include Ice Cold for fair skin, Peach Goddess for a rose gold look, King Tut for a sun-kissed tan, and a minty green shade called Mint Condition. Hey, it's not a JSC product line without some wild colors!

If you're a huge fan of Jeffree Star or just a cosmetic connoisseur, then you're probably desperate to get your hands on a Skin Frost. We aren't exactly sure when Skin Frost goes on sale, but Star hinted that it would arrive sometime in mid-May.

Jefferee Star Skin Frost Highlighter, $29, Jefferee Star Cosmetics

When it is finally released, you can purchase the $29 highlights directly from Jeffree Star Cosmetics at The brand is entirely e-commerce based, and promises that additional shades for Skin Frost will be available in June.

If I had to take a wild guess, I'd imagine that these highlighters will sell out on the first batch and restock (with new shades!) in June.

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So if you're desperate for a first edition Skin Frost shade, tune into Star's Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, where he's always keeping fans updated.

Jefferee Star Skin Frost Highlighter, $29, Jefferee Star Cosmetics

Image: @Jeffree Star/Instagram