13 Flatforms For When You're Tired Of High Heels

Flatforms are the answer to heel lovers' prayers, because every now and again, even the most hardcore heel wearers need to give their feet a break. Fashionable flatform shoes are a great alternative to high heels and once you get used to them, you feel like you're wearing flats. In the world of elevated footwear, the flatform comes out on top when it comes to comfiness and wearability. This heaven sent shoe is the perfect choice for gals who want to add a couple of inches to their stature, without torturing their feet.

Flatforms are the modern day take on the 1970s platform, which separated the ball of the foot from the heel. Flatforms appear to hark from the '90s, when Steve Madden sliders were all the rage and jelly sandals were footwear royalty. The Spice Girls were platform aficionados, but their platforms were frighteningly high. The main difference, it seems, is flatforms take inspiration from other types of flat shoes, such as sandals and sneakers, whereas platforms look similar to boots. That being said, the Spice Girls (particularly Baby Spice and Sporty Spice) were renowned for wearing their sneaker style platforms – which could have been a major influence on today's flatforms – that appear to have come into existence as an extension of the '90s trend.

So if you can't take another day at the office or a night on the town in high heels, opt for a pair of these fabulous flatforms instead.

1. The Beaded Sandals

Asos Flavia Leather Beaded Flatform Sandals, $36,

Ease yourself into the flatform world with a pair of beaded sandals that don't have too much height, so you can get used to the flatform life.

2. The Birkenstock Style

Sole Diva Footbed Flatform E Fit, $32.95,

These silver, strappy sandals make a nod to the classic Birkenstock, but they have slightly more height.

3. The Espadrille

WAVE Flatform Espadrille Wedge, $100,

These espadrille flatforms will be your new on-trend BFFs come summer.

4. The Gladiator

Chatter – Black Met Penny Loves Kenny, $64.99,

Gladiator sandals are a modern day footwear staple, so go for a contemporary twist on this classic by picking a flatform style.

5. The Ankle Boot

SAMPAIO, $41.99,

These chic ankle boot style flatforms lace up, so you can feel even more secure.

6. The '70s Style

MAXIE KG Kurt Geiger, $185,

Coax out your inner hippie in these extravagant flower power flatforms.

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7. The Modern Jelly Sandals

Melissa Style II, $72.50,

These glossy flatforms will look trendy this summer when paired with more or less anything in your closet.

8. The Classic Jelly Sandals

Georgea Flats, $19.98,

Eternal '90s kids will fall head over heels for these funky flatforms based on the traditional '90s jelly sandal.

9. The Sliders

Laurie Cleated Flatform Slider, $16,

Past '90s cool girls are sure to adore these slider inspired flatforms that look not only nostalgic, but incredibly comfy too.

10. The Sporty Sneakers

Lala – White Green YRU, $99.99,

Although these cool sneaks are insanely stylish, I'd probably not wear them for a round of tennis, or any sport for that matter. Best off saving them for some athleisure vibes rather than partaking in anything athletic.

11. The Glittering Flatforms

MM6 Maison Margiela Glittered Leather Flats, $495,

In the case of these sparkling designer flatforms, all that glitters is gold.

12. The Powderpuff Flatforms

LULU KG Kurt Geiger NUDE, $185,

Girly girls need not miss out on this trend – these flatforms are boudoir chic meets the Pink Ladies.

13. The My Little Pony Style

My Little Pony Merry Go Fltfrm – Multi By Iron Fist, $65.99,

Big kids are going to love clip-clopping around in these My Little Pony inspired flatforms.

When you're flat out of patience for painful high heels, pop on a pair of fashionable flatforms instead!

Images: Courtesy Brands