How To Deal With Chafing At Work

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Chub rub happens to us all. It's an adorable and funny name, but it's not exactly accurate. Any and everybody deals with some sort of chafing during the sweaty summer months, so if you're wondering how to heal thigh chafing at work, I've got you covered.

Maybe you're sweating it out at an outdoor event, nervously prepping for a huge presentation, or flat out wore the most unforgiving of fabrics in an "environmentally friendly" office temperature. Whatever or however you wound up with thigh chafing at work, you need it gone ASAP without calling unnecessary attention to yourself at the office.

According to webMD, chafing can happen from too tight of clothing, excessive sweating, or extra friction from walking. Preventing it from happening is actually easier than it seems. You can stop thigh chafing with a simple undergarment solution (like these moisture-wicking shorts) or simply rubbing some healing and protecting solution, like Destin diaper cream or Vaseline, on easily chaffed areas at night.

But if you're already at work and painfully trying to deal with chafing, have no fear. You likely have the solution in your desk drawer, medicine cabinet, or gym bag. Also, it's an easy and quick fix, you just have to get creative.

Here are my favorite, discreet, and last-minute fixes to help you deal with chafing at work.

1. Keep Deodorant In Your Purse Or At Your Desk

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Wick away moisture and create a barrier between skin-on-skin contact by rubbing some deodorant where the chafing is happening. To prevent it happening in the future, consider applying a chafing product before getting dressed and leaving the house.

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2. Reach For The Vaseline From The First Aid Kit

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Every office has a first aid or medicine cabinet chalk full of all kinds of things (if yours doesn't, it's time to call HR, stat). Inside, you'll likely find Vaseline or a generic burn cream to soothe any type of skin irritation. Sneak in there and grab a dab on your way to the restroom to soothe and heal your chafing.

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3. Bring Shorts Or Yoga Pants

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If you just can't take it anymore, try swapping your undies for the moisture-combatting cycling shorts or yoga pants. You'll likely be wearing loose clothing to begin with, like a dress, that is causing too much movement and friction. These tighter clothes will easily slip underneath them and go unnoticed, and seriously save your skin.

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