15 Denim Jeans Bags For Some Hardcore Nostalgia

There were so many kooky, lovable trends in the '90s that can still fill our hearts with a good dose of warm, fuzzy nostalgia. Among the top novelty looks of the decade were denim handbags. They were definitely up there with light-up sneakers and putting fake flowers on everything.

The jeans bag style arguably evolved from the double denim trend, which was made famous by a multitude of celebs in the '90s and was given a reboot in the early '00s by Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Today, contemporary denim bags bring back all the feels and then some.

We Millennials appear to be a generation that particularly struggles with growing up. We were brought up on movies like Peter Pan, in which children never wanted to age, and we coined the term "adulting." We poke fun at our inability to cope with everyday life constantly.

But on the other hand, we're left with huge responsibilities. Personally, I think our generation and the generations after us are going to be left to clean up various (potentially catastrophic) messes that previous ones have left behind. So it's really no wonder that we sometimes retreat back into the safety of childhood and cling onto anything that once made us feel safe and happy, '90s fashion trends included.

So here are some modern day denim bags to hit you right in the feels, because some days a "normal" purse just won't cut it.

1. The Structured Bag

Silence + Noise Dorothee Denim Crossbody Bag, $34, Urban Outfitters

Structured bags were popular in the '90s, proving that not all of the decade's trends were impractical.

2. The Monogram Shoulder Bag

Saint Laurent Monogramme Medium Denim Shoulder Bag, $1,790, Net-A-Porter

This sleek Yves Saint Laurent bag makes a nod to the teeny tiny handbags of the early '00s that we were all obsessed with.

3. The Fanny Pack

Eastpak Springer Fanny Pack In Black Denim, $36, ASOS

Fanny packs (or bum bags as we Brits liked to call them) were a major '90s trend. We normally wore them on vacation with our neon separates, scrunchies, and cartoon tees.

4. The Daisy Bag

Daisy Crossbody Bag, $10, Claires

In addition to smiley faces, daisies were seen all over '90s garments and accessories. They even leapt across into 3D territory when plastic daisies started being added to jewelry. This denim-look bag would have been the perfect accessory to take to the mall to show everyone how hip you were.

5. The Drawstring Bag

Asos Drawstring Backpack In Indigo Denim, $23, ASOS

This drawstring backpack conjures up memories of gym class and is giving off some strong athleisure vibes.

6. The Chambray Tote

Women's Chambray Tote-Merona, $40, Target

To the untrained style eye, chambray could easily be confused as denim. But those in the know can put a contemporary spin on the denim bag trend by choosing a very similar, chambray style instead.

7. The Frayed Bag

Michael Kors Sloan Small Frayed Denim Shoulder Bag, $258, Net-A-Porter

Growing up, the only thing cooler than a denim bag was a frayed denim bag. This modern style has frayed fashion in the bag.

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8. The Patchwork Backpack

Coach Mini Turnlock Rucksack In Canyon Quilt Denim, $350, Macy's

Turnlock fastenings, patchwork denim, and subtle skulls hidden in the pattern... What more could you possibly want from a backpack?

9. The Starry Style

INC International Concepts International Mini Kadi Denim Crossbody, $30, Macy's

If you had this star-patterned, chain handle handbag in the '90s, you'd feel cooler than Jennifer Aniston.

10. The Bucket Bag

See By Chloé Vicki Patchwork Denim And Textured-Leather Bucket Bag, $375, Net-A-Porter

If you're going to go for a retro bucket bag, you may as well pick a cute denim one.

11. The Saddle Bag

Aldo Saddle Bag In Navy Denim With Hardwear Detail, $63, ASOS

The jeans bag has had a grownup makeover in the form of this stylish saddle bag.

12. The Slouchy Backpack

STATE Bags Smith Denim Backpack, $95, Urban Outfitters

The humble denim bag has undergone a modern transformation in the form of this quirky backpack. The best part is that when you purchase this bag, STATE Bags will donate a backpack to an American child in need.

13. The Mini Backpack

Asos Denim Woven Mini Backpack, $41, ASOS

This adorable woven mini backpack has piggy-backed on the '90s trend of miniaturizing all our accessories.

14. The Back To School Backpack

Eastpak Padded Pak'R Backpack In Denim, $65, ASOS

Eastpak backpacks were the coolest things to wear to school. If you had an Eastpack backpack that was falling apart, pinned together with buttons, and written all over, you were a guaranteed cool kid.

15. The Butterfly Bag

Valentino The Rockstud Leather-Trimmed Embroidered Denim Shoulder Bag, $1,745, Net-A-Porter

Treat your inner '90s kid to the crème de la crème of denim bags, featuring studs and butterflies. Back in the day, you would have double crossed your BFF to get your mitts on this beauty.

The double denim and jeans bag trends are still going strong and have outlasted Britney and Justin's relationship — so they're definitely here to stay. At least for now.

Images: Courtesy Brands