Where To Buy A Plus Size Prom Dress Last Minute

There are two types of people in this world: Those who have their prom outfits planned a year in advance and those who leave finding the perfect plus size prom dress until the last minute. Coming from the first group, I simply can't understand anyone who can be so unorganized when it comes to such a big event. But then again, I'm a single woman who's had her wedding planned for three years.

Seeing as my prom was four years ago, all my big event outfit planning wisdom can now be shared with the general public. Searching for the perfect prom dress means numerous requirements — matching accessories, personal style, and comfort; and that's just the beginning. But when you're running out of time, there's one major need from your prom retailer: fast delivery.

Sure, it's all well and good finding the prom dress of your dreams a week before your actual prom. But what if it just doesn't get to you on time and you're left squeezing into a bridesmaids dress you didn't even like from three years ago? Maybe it serves you right for not planning this moment more carefully. But to help you avoid the embarrassment and disappointment, here are some stores that are sure to house your perfect dress, and that'll allow you to shell out on expedited delivery.


Prom Dress In Lace, $122, ASOS

Bardot Lace Maxi Dress, $117, ASOS

ASOS is a major fast fashion online retailer in part because of its amazing delivery service. For only $12 two-day delivery, the Curve section is totally worth checking out for all your plus size prom needs. Plus, its prom options are especially beautiful this year.

2. ModCloth

Flourish Of Floridity Dress, $140, Mod Cloth

Elegance Achieved Dress, $125, Mod Cloth

ModCloth should automatically be a contender for plus size occasion-wear, regardless of your time restrictions, IMO. The retailer's vintage silhouettes are perfect for prom, as well as for being totally wearable come fancy future events. Thankfully, the brand offers overnight delivery. Even if you only have a week to work out what you're going to wear, you still have time for five different deliveries.


Capelet Gown, $160, Eloquii

Ponte Dress, $90, Eloquii

You can be elegant in ELOQUII for the most special day of your school career, since the brand offers a gorgeous range of simple silhouettes that will highlight your natural beauty rather than distracting from it. With next day delivery on offer, ELOQUII is here for any unorganized prom attendees.

4. Boohoo

Sequin Top Maxi Dress, $52, Boohoo

Plunge Front Maxi Dress, $30, Boohoo

Although Boohoo may not be the first retailer to come to mind when considering prom outfits, the fast fashion retailer will have plus size babes between sizes 12 and 20 covered with a pretty and affordable prom range that should make it to your home before the big day.

5. Evans

Little Mistress Prom Dress, $70, Evans

Little Mistress Prom Dress, $65, Evans

Based in the UK, Evans is still making the effort to help all last minute princesses get their outfits in time. With four-day shipping to the U.S. available, last minute shopping should still be possible.

6. SimplyBe

Midi Prom Dress, $36, Simply Be

Prom Dress, $110, Simply Be

SimplyBe's selection of plus size dresses extends across style and size ranges. With expedited delivery that'll put your dress in your hands within four to seven business days, you should still be able to find your perfect gown the week before the big day.

7. Nordstrom

Beaded Tank Dress, $160, Nordstrom

Embellished Cut Out Dress, $184, Nordstrom

Considering standard shipping is free at Nordstrom, you may have never considered the brand's same day, next day, or two-day shipping options. But if the countdown to prom is that close, now may be the time to check them out.

Hopefully one of these stores will have the answer to all your prom related outfit questions, with faster shipping options that aren't entirely out of your price range. If not, please let this be a lesson to you: Outfit planning months in advance isn't crazy. It's a necessity.

Images: Courtesy Brands