Where To Buy A Women's Suit For Prom Last Minute

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about prom is usually the dress; or maybe in your case, the suit. But where do you find the perfect women's suit for prom? And where can you find the perfect women's suit for prom at the last minute? Whether your decision to rock a two-piece ensemble was totally spontaneous or you're just incredibly unorganized — hey, I'm not here to judge — finding the ideal prom look within your time frame might be stressing you out right now.

But have no fear. There are stores that create and sell awesome women's suits for the occasion, and some of them even offer speedy delivery. No matter what your situation, you're still likely to find an amazing suit for your prom day.

Whether it's a casual blazer and matching pants that you're going for, or a structured Tilda Swinton vibe, these retailers have enough different styles to cater to your needs outside of delivery times. Plus, a suit is totally reusable, meaning that the investment in next-day delivery will pay for itself once you've worn your new favorite outfit over and over again. And if what you get isn't what you wanted? You'll still have time left to order a new piece and return the looks you don't want.

Here are the best places to find a lady's suit at the last minute. Because suiting and booting time is only getting closer.


Satin Double Breasted Suit Jacket, $89,

Premium Blazer In Jacquard Co-Ord, $98,

Everyone's favorite fast fashion retailer produces hundreds of suits, and all available with two-day delivery at the click of a button. ASOS is always my first port of call for occasion-wear, and that's no different when it comes to women's two-pieces.

2. Express

Columnist Ankle Sleeveless Suit Jacket, $98,

White One Button Jacket, $128,

With a specific "suit shop" on site, Express will have you covered when it comes to finding an elegant two-piece look for your prom. Plus, we should just expect that a store called "Express" would have good speedy shipping policies, am I right?

3. Missguided

Tailored Suit Blazer, $34,

Gathered Sleeve Tailored Blazer, $68,

With express delivery only costing $15 and suit prices as low as $34, a prom suit from Missguided makes perfect sense on a time crunch.


Hartwood Blazer, $99.90,

Tie Waist Jacket, $110.90,

Plus size brand ELOQUII is making everyone's plus size prom suit dreams come true, because wearing a suit to your big day should have no size limit. With many of the brand's suits coming in a range of colors, your prom's theme isn't going to be limited by a lack of options.

5. Topshop

Fitted Suit Blazer, $125,

Check Tonic Suit Blazer, $115,

A fast fashion guru that's adored by celebrities was obviously going to have some truly brilliant suits for potential prom-goers. If it were me, I'd be all over that pink two-piece.

6. Bloomingdale's

Stretch Wool Blazer, $398,

Lace Side Blazer, $428,

The most American department store I can think of also offers a pretty awesome array of women's suits as well as a next-day delivery option. Get in there, girls.

Hopefully these stores will help you ditch the traditional dress and rock a suit to prom. Regardless of what retailer you end up going for, I'm sure you're going to look flawless.

Images: Courtesy Brands