The 9 Best Beauty Habits To Adopt In Your 20s

As you age, your beauty routine should age with you, which is why I've compiled a list of the best beauty habits a woman can develop in her 20s. I'm currently 22 and I work in broadcast television, which means I get my hair and makeup done by professionals almost daily, and I can guarantee you that I do less than half of the things on this. Maybe only two or three at most? But it's about time I (and you) change my ways.

That being said, I can assure you that these beauty habits and life practices will ensure glowing skin, a healthy body, a calmer mind, a better central nervous system, and overall cleanliness well beyond your 20s. Cleanliness, as you know, is next to godliness. That doesn't sound that bad, does it? I would take godliness next to breakouts and laziness.

The health benefits of these imperative daily routines have all been scientifically proven. It's not an "apple a day will keep the doctor away" kind of thing. And while makeup may seem like the most important part of your getting ready period, believe me: it's not. It just enhances the godliness!

So, without further ado, here are the must-do beauty practices you need to turn into habits in your 20s!

1. Start Drinking Enough Water

They're not kidding. You should actually be drinking eight glasses per day. Not only will it keep you healthy inside and out, but maintaining proper hydration will also keep your skin in good condition, act as a natural anti-ager, help clear up breakouts, and more, according to InStyle.

2. Get Enough Nutrients & Antioxidants

Getting enough nutrients and antioxidants is an important step toward making sure your body looks and feels its best. But, according to the National Library of Medicine, balanced diets and antioxidants also help to prevent cell damage. You can even add them directly to your skincare regimen for maximum impact.

3. Invest In A Good Eye Cream

Magic Eye Rescue, $60, Nordstrom

According to the Huffington Post, you should start using eye cream in your 20s. “Eye creams keep the skin moist and that makes people look younger. When wrinkles get dry, they look deeper and worse. As a good and gentle moisturize, eye creams help by keeping the skin moist so fine lines don’t show up as much," Dr. Rebecca Baxt told the publication.

4. Actually Use SPF Every Day

City Sunscreen Serum With Soft Focus Finish SPF 30, $42, Sephora

Seriously though, what are you waiting for? Not only does SPF help you maintain a youthful appearance, but it is literally a life saver since it also prevents skin cancer.

5. Create A Skincare Regimen That Works For You

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you have oily, dry, or combination skin like me, it is important that you know which products work best for you. Consult a dermatologist and do some research online for product and ingredient recommendations.

6. Get That Beauty Sleep

Sleeping as much as feels necessary is important. The Daily Mail reported that when you sleep, your body heals, cells regenerate, and cortisol is released into the bloodstream.

7. Use The Right Ingredients

S. Alemdar/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Using the right ingredients in your products can ensure you're not taking in alcohol, bad acids, mercury, et cetera. Find out which ingredients do and don't work for your skin, and maybe consider investing in some natural beauty brands.

8. Take Care of Your Chompers

Flossing and brushing well can do so much more for you than you may think. If you don't want gingivitis, scurvy, or plaque, make sure to brush and floss several times a day.

9. Take Off Your Makeup

OK so Mulan makes it look effortless but if you don't want, say, an eye infection or acne, you should take your makeup off before you fall asleep.

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