Milani's New Metallic Lipsticks Are Amazing

If you aren't on the drugstore makeup bandwagon, I hope this latest product changes your mind once and for all. Drugstore brands are seriously stepping up their game, especially in the pout department. If you're wondering are Milani's metallic lipsticks worth it, here's why you need them in your life.

Drugstore brand Milani Cosmetics released a metallic lip gloss line yesterday, and its demanding that Kylie Cosmetics move to the left. Milani has been a longtime favorite among makeup artists, YouTube vloggers, and cosmetic enthusiasts. Their Luminoso blush and single eyeshadows have been cult favorites, and now these $8.99 lip glosses are going to be the next must-haves for metallic fanatics.

These limited-edition Amore Mattallics Lip Crème lipsticks are metallic versions of the brand's matte liquid lipsticks. There are plenty of Kylie Cosmetic metallic dupes in the lineup: Chromattic Addict is a great alternative for the $18 Metals King K, Matterialistic looks just like Reign, and you could mix Matterialistic and Matte About You for a Heir look-alike.

Amore Mattallics Lip Creme, $9, CVS

If you can't wait for the Kylie Cosmetics Metals restock, run to your nearest CVS or Walgreens to grab these limited edition lipsticks. You can also purchase online at

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Beautiful, right? YouTubers are big fans, saying there's a shade for every skintone within the 8-shade lineup.

The line is full of spring and summery colors featuring pink and berry hues, so you'll want to grab these up before your next vacation or festival.

Image: Milani Cosmetics/Instagram