Where To Buy A Cheap Prom Corsage

by Lindsey Rose Black

Newsflash: For growing naturally in the ground (thanks mama earth!), flowers are freaking expensive. Fortunately, I've scouted out where to buy a cheap prom corsage so you can rock some floral bliss on your special night without breaking the bank. Every corsage below clocks in under $50!

Of course, if you have enough time and are feeling crafty, one of the easiest ways to cut costs on a prom corsage is making your own. Flower Moxie made an epic YouTube tutorial for how to create the perfect DIY wrist corsage with a slap bracelet, a plastic adapter (brilliant), a few small zip ties, and a satin ribbon.

As for what flowers to use, Flower Moxie recommends "spray roses, ranunculus, button mums, and carnations ... as well as many types of greenery!" Additionally, expert Julie Mulligan provided a few tips on flower pairing, telling me "Roses + Berzelia Berries + Waxflower" work to create a bright boho look, while "Hydrangea Clusters + Rice flower + Monte Casino" come together for a soft, romantic vibe.

But if you know for sure that there is no way in hell you're going to try to make your own prom corsage, I totally understand! Scroll on for great budget-friendly-ish corsage picks.

1. Purple Elegance Corsage

Purple Elegance Corsage, $25, 1800Flowers

Loving the burst of spring feels happening here.

2. Succulent Corsage Bracelet

Succulent Corsage Bracelet, $15, Etsy

How minimalist stunner is this?!

3. Dark Blue Corsage

Dark Blue Corsage, $32, Etsy

This edgy punk-vibe corsage comes with a matching bouttoniere.

4. Beloved Blooms Corsage

Beloved Blooms Corsage, $20, Teleflora

Pretty and pink just reached a whole new level.

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5. Sheet Music Flower Corsage

Sheet Music Flower Corsage, $15, Etsy

For all the band members out there!

6. Purple Promise Wristlet

Purple Promise Wristlet, $38, Teleflora

A bit of a splurge, but well worth it.

7. Succulent Wildflower Corsage

Succulent Wildflower Corsage, $27, Etsy

I can't even get over this forest feels perfection.

8. Yellow And Aqua Wrist Corsage

Yellow And Aqua Wrist Corsage, $18, Etsy

Bright, fun, and quirky!

9. Mint Succulent Bracelet

Mint Succulent Bracelet, $45, Etsy

This is actually clay, so it lasts FOREVER.

Images: Courtesy of Brands