The Gerard Cosmetics Lip Pencils Are Versatile

Since this brand is known for quality lip products, you would have thought that it would have carried lip liners for a long time. But in reality, Gerard Cosmetics only just launched a lip liner collection this week. But let's cut to the chase of this surprising yet very exciting launch — what colors are in the Gerard Cosmetics lip pencil collection? While there are only four shades currently available, they are highly versatile and will go with most of the brand's lipsticks, plus many others in your collection.

Apologies if you still need a moment to process that Gerard Cosmetics, has in fact, released lip liners. Anyone who is familiar with the brand knows that this launch is a game-changer. Finally, liners to match the super high quality and affordable lip products Gerard already sells. And even though four shades might seem like a small selection, they provide the perfect bases for a variety of lip looks in classic, neutral tones.

All of the lip liners are cruelty free and gluten free, and, like the brand's lipsticks, feature ultra pigmented colors, a super long-lasting finish, and a creamy consistency that makes application a cinch. Plus, they have gorgeous metallic gold packaging. And even though that doesn't necessarily affect the quality of the product, it certainly doesn't hurt in terms of aesthetics!

But enough talk, let's get into the colors shall we? These are currently available to shop at Gerard Cosmetics for $16. Be prepared to fall in love with these four gorgeous lip pencils.

1. Immortal

This true red shade is the perfect foundation for a flawless, Taylor Swift-esque red lip. Basically, this would eliminate your need for any other red lip pencil.

2. Cher

Cher Lip Pencil, $16, Dermstore

While I'm not entirely sure if this shade was inspired by Cher herself, there's no doubt the dusty mauve would be perfect for the "Turn Back Time" crooner. This lip pencil shade would be a great base for any rosy red or plum lip colors.

3. Nude

Nude Lip Pencil, $16, Dermstore

This is a classic neutral shade that would be perfect under the trendy ultra matte nude lips of the moment.

4. Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen Lip Pencil, $16, Dermstore

Last but not least is Peachy Keen. By far the lightest and brightest shade in the range, it's a stunning peach that would be a nice match for the brighter lip colors of spring and summer.

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Even though this is the brand's first lip pencil launch, it nailed the color selection even with four shades that are all so wearable and diverse. From the dark Cher to the basic Nude, these colors could all be worked into anyone's makeup bag with ease.

Combined with the brand's cult-favorite formulas there's no doubt these babies will sell out soon. So if you're a lip pencil fan, or just makeup obsessed in general, be sure to check out Gerard Cosmetics brand new lip pencils before it's too late.

Images: JMKMXO/Instagram (2), Courtesy Brand