Here's How Much The New Essie Polishes Will Cost

If you've ever complained about nail polish chipping way too fast, then you're in luck. One of your favorite brands is making a big change, and it'll solve all of your long-lasting manicure needs. According to PopSugar, Essie is launching a line of new gel polishes this summer that are all based on fashion. The iconic polish brand is even getting a stylish makeover to go along with the release of the new formula. How much will Essie's Gel Couture cost? Well, it'll be a bit more expensive than the original polish, but not completely out of drugstore price range.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear about the new gel polishes from Essie. I absolutely love the brand's colors, but find myself always having to reapply in a few days. Thankfully that will all change thanks to their new Gel Couture collection. At first glance, you might be surprised that these polishes are from Essie because of how different the bottles look. The new bottle design, which features twisted glass, were inspired by "covetable, twirling dresses on a runway," according to People. While the bottles are pretty classy, I also see it as the perfect way to distinguish the old and new formulas from each other.

The gel polishes will be coming this June, so you won't have to wait too much longer. At $11.50 each, the prices are slightly higher than the brand's regular polishes, but I have no doubt that it'll totally be worth it. After all, think about how much cheaper and less time-consuming this will be than going to the salon for a gel mani!

How cool is that bottle? According to People it's is much easier to hold than the regular square bottle, which is definitely a bonus. Refinery29 reports that there are 42 new gorgeous shades coming out in this formula. With names like "Rock The Runway" and "Labels Only," it's clear to see that the bottle wasn't the only thing inspired by fashion.

The Gel Couture polishes are so elegant that they even made their big debut at the Met Gala. Now that's a high fashion product! According to Refinery29, Elle Fanning, Kate Bosworth, and Katie Holmes all stepped onto the red carpet wearing the new polish at Monday night's event. If it's fit for the Met Gala, then it can definitely stand up to your pool party this summer.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's one of the color in full action. The powder pink polish is subtle enough to go with anything, yet still stands out for all the right reasons. Fanning completely rocked the one-colored mani on the big night.

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I would never guess that Holmes was wearing a drugstore polish with her sleek and elegant Met Gala look. It just goes to show that this range is perfect for a variety of different occasions.

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Red carpet ready for just $11.50? Count me in!

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