Get Ready For Kylie Jenner's New Puma Shoot

There's no denying that Puma and Kylie Jenner are a match made in athleisure heaven, but Kylie Jenner teased her latest Puma shoot, according to Perez Hilton, and this one is definitely going to deliver on all levels. I mean, between her nails, her new hair, and those comfy/sexy sweat pants — you aren't going to be able to wait to see the finished result. It looks so fab.

After suffering for the sake of fashion at Monday night's Met Gala, Jenner traded her gown for some much comfier sweat pants on the set of her latest Puma shoot. The 18-year-old teased some photos from the shoot on Instagram on Tuesday, showing off her outfit and her seriously epic manicure, and though we can't tell much else about the shoot, it looks like it's going to impress.

Jenner rocked a low-cut black sports bra, black Puma shorts, and gray sweat pants with a black band down the side, and it totally makes lounge wear super sexy. Also, if you're wondering if the beauty mogul is going to be rocking the new bob she debuted at the Met Gala in her shoot — she totally is. And looks amazing, because of course.

Her makeup is on point, too.

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I mean — dang. She looks great, and I'm seriously into the new hair, but we need to talk about her manicure.

But would you expect anything less than over-the-top, next-level nails from Kylie?