See Ruby Rose's Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Ad

In March, it was announced that Ruby Rose would be Urban Decay's latest face and was named "Most Addictive New Vice." At the time, there was quite a bit of mystery surrounding her role, but it's a bit more clear now. Ruby Rose's Urban Decay Vice Lipstick ad is her first public work for the brand, and if the release of the Vice Lipstick wasn't already exciting enough, Rose's ad will certainly get you pumped. After all, who doesn't want to be as totally badass as Ruby Rose?

For sometime now, Urban Decay has been known not only for their amazing products but also for their collaborations with celebrities and Hollywood. Just Monday, the Urban Decay Through the Looking Glass Palette hit the Internet, and fans were scrambling for the movie-themed palette. In true Urban Decay style, the palette featured gorgeous, vibrantly-hued shadows and lipsticks that were perfectly on theme. Alongside the Through the Looking Glass palette is the brand's collaboration with Gwen Stefani. The oft-coveted shadow and blush palettes evolved into a collection of lipsticks as well, and because Stefani is practically a genius, they're all gorgeous.

Now, the brand has singled out Ruby Rose, and it was an inspired choice. While there are no collaborations yet, Rose's Vice Lipstick ad will definitely tide us over until — fingers crossed — that happens.

Looking every bit the badass she is, Rose sweeps on the new Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks in shade after shade, staring with a vibrant purple — Urban Decay's signature. The finish of the lipstick looks to be satin, and the color pay off? Amazing. Rose swipes the shade on twice, and she's decked out in full purple glory.

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Fast forward a bit and you see Rose looking glam in vibrant red as she boxes, then donning a fuchsia hue as she winks at the camera, making hearts flutter. Basically, she's the perfect spokesperson. The ad doesn't just stay true to Urban Decay's brand, but also seems to embody the cool, laid-back yet badass style of Rose.

There's little doubt that the Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks are going to be one of the biggest cosmetics launches of the year — after all, there are 74 new shades in addition to the 26 former colors. The addition of the Ruby Rose, though? Well, it for damn sure doesn't hurt.

Images: Courtesy of Urban Decay (2)