What To Wear To Justin Bieber's Purpose World Tour

Justin Bieber has come a long way since his days covering songs on YouTube; aesthetically, he's undergone a transformation from doe-eyed teen to tattooed young man. He's currently touring on his worldwide "Purpose Tour," so if you've got tickets, it's about time you planned what you're going to wear to this epic concert.

Long gone are the days when Justin's fans consisted almost exclusively of adolescent girls. If you weren't already a fan of his music in his early career, chances are, whether you want to admit it or not, you probably are now. When Justin Bieber released "What Do You Mean?" from his most recent album "Purpose," non-fans couldn't believe their ears. After a plethora of cutesy pop songs, the world was shocked to hear his new style of music that leaned more towards R&B and dance music. Some folks likely thought it was a one off, but then Bieber released track after track of seriously likeable, catchy, contemporary tunes and the general public's opinion of his music started to change. He began to be seen as a serious artist, not just some kid who sang nauseating, upbeat songs about girls: Bieber was no longer one-dimensional.

So no matter if you gleefully hopped aboard the Bieber bandwagon, you've always been a secret Belieber, or you're taking your niece to her first concert, here's what you should wear to Justin Bieber's "Purpose Tour."

1. The "What Do You Mean?" Tee

Justin Bieber What Do You Mean Girls T-Shirt, $18 – $21, Hot Topic

When you're attending a Bieber concert, you may as well go all out fangirl with a tee that's got the Biebs on it, along with one of the most memorable song titles from his new album.

2. The Overall Shorts

Distressed Overall Shorts, $35, Forever 21

Fit in with the overall '90s vibe of Justin Bieber's "Purpose Tour" in these cute overall shorts.

3. The Bieber Boyfriend T-Shirt

Asos Curve Justin Bieber Boyfriend T-Shirt, $36, ASOS

If comfort and repping your love of Justin hold equal importance to you, this loose fitting boyfriend T-shirt is your perfect match.

4. The Baeber Shirt

Bieber Is My Bae Unisex T-Shirt, $16+, Etsy

Wear this tee if Justin really does come Before Anything Else in your life.

5. The Guitar Pick Pendant

Justin Bieber Guitar Pick Necklace, $9, Etsy

Perhaps you already planned an adorable outfit for this concert months ago when the news of the "Purpose Tour" was announced. If that's the case, sport a Bieber necklace instead so you don't have to miss out on flaunting your fan merch.

6. The Lyric Tee

Lyric Culture What Do You Mean Tee, $39, Urban Outfitters

This subtle lyric tee is for all the new Bieber fans, who less than two years ago, would have thrown up a little in their mouths whenever "Baby" played on the radio.

7. The Varsity Bomber Jacket

Simply Be Jersey Bomber Jacket, $57, Simplybe

Long time Beliebers might want to pay homage to Justin Bieber's previously preppy past, by wearing a varsity bomber jacket.

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8. The Bieber Cheerleader Outfit

Rio Crochet Bralet And Skirt, $160, Top Shop

Stay cool, look hot, and scream for Justin until you lose your voice in this quirky co-ord set.

9. The Bieber's Girl Shirt

Justin Bieber Bieber's Girl Girls T-Shirt, $18 – $21, Hot Topic

He might have thousands of screaming fans in the audience, but you know Justin is singing only to you. If anyone doubts this fact, you can just point to your shirt.

10. The Woo Hoo Cami

Woo Hoo Graphic Cropped Cami, $5, Forever 21

Depending on how big a Bieber fan you are, there could be a high chance of you being rendered speechless in the Biebs' presence and the only words left in your vocab might be, "Woo hoo!"

11. The Bieber Earrings

Justin Bieber Earrings, $7, Etsy

What kind of Belieber wouldn't want Justin Bieber earrings?

12. The Glam Crop Top

Plus Size Surplice Crop Top, $20, Forever 21

News on the grapevine is, tons of celebs have been spotted at the "Purpose Tour" concerts. Look super glamorous in this crop top and give the Kardashians a run for their money.

13. The "You Wish You Were Here" Tank

You Wish You Were Here Wrecked Tank, $75, Wild Fox

Make all your social media followers jealous with this tongue in cheek, "You wish you were here" tank top.

14. The Biker Jacket

Simply Be PU Biker Jacket, $125, Simplybe

If you're too cool for school and you wouldn't be seen dead in Justin Bieber merchandise (even if you totally adore him) a biker jacket will help you stay edgy.

15. The Sassy Shirt

Bad Date Luca Crop Thermal, $61, Wild Fox

This shirt emblazoned with the comedic slogan, "I shaved my legs for this?" is the sartorial antidote for anyone who's been forced to attend, is doing someone a favor, or is acting as a chaperone for a young Belieber relative. At least you can chuckle at your shirt if you get bored.

Whether you're a Justin Bieber super fan, or you're just not into his music, you're sure to have a fun night in these threads at the "Purpose Tour."

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