Makeup Geek's Gorgeous Blushes Are Coming Soon

Makeup Geek continues to assert itself! The company got a boost from its Manny MUA eyeshadow palette, which sold out again this week on a restock. The Insta famous brand is also gearing up for the launch of some insanely beautiful Makeup Geek blushes that will quickly earn status as "makeup bag essentials." From the Instagram photos I've seen, these hues should look stunning on any skintone, but some were specifically formulated for darker tones. It's an inclusive collection, since Makeup Geek is offering the blushes in 20 shades in a highly pigmented formula. That leads to the next critical question. When can you buy the Makeup Geek blushes?

Well, the brand only teased that the blushes are "coming soon" in the caption. No date, no season, no further hints. Bustle reached out to Makeup Geek reps to inquire about the on-sale date or period, as well as for further details about the blushes, like pricing. We will let you know if and when we hear back.

UPDATE: Bustle heard back from Makeup Geek reps, who told us this: "Our blushes will be available later this month. We've completely reformulated our blush line and extended our shade selection. Our new blushes are buttery soft, pigmented, and blendable. They are also talc-free, which is a rare find in blushes! There will be five shades suitable for each skin tone range (Porcelain, Fair, Medium, and Deep). Pans will remain at $10 each and our new luxury gunmetal compacts featuring a magnetic clasp will be $15."

Let's have a look at these blushes. The colors are so concentrated in the pan and while you can buff or build color when applying, I am blown away by how high impact the colors are.

Observe the rosy x purply shade Desire, which was designed for darker skin.

OMG, right? I mean, I can imagine how that pops against the skin.

So many shades. The brand teased this shot a week ago, so the hints are coming with increasing frequency. That makes me think the launch is imminent. That's wishful thinking x an educated guess!

While you wait for these blushes to become available for purchase, you can always head over to the Makeup Geek site to shop for some of their killer offerings. They slay with neutrals and the prices are affordable.

Images: Makeup Geek Cosmetics/Instagram (2)