What To Wear To The Rihanna Anti World Tour

by Gina Jones 2

If you're lucky enough to have scored a ticket to RiRi's latest tour, then you must already be wondering what to wear to Rihanna's Anti World Tour, and I don't blame you. Concert fashion has to be comfortable as well as stylish as hell. After all, if you don't post a cute outfit of the day picture to Instagram while you're at the show, how will people even know you went?

Picking an ensemble for any event is a crucial part of my preparation for the occasion. It can soothe my anxiety as well as get me totally pumped up for whatever I'm attending. If you know in advance that you're going to look fantastic, then it's one less thing to worry about, right? Plus, you never know who might spot you in the crowd. My friend got her picture on the Instagram of Beyoncé's makeup artist Sir John after being spotted in the crowd at Bey's last tour. Now, imagine if that could be you with Rihanna.

Of course, buying an entirely new look for a concert may seem extravagant, so you're probably going to want to get items you can wear again separately. So here are some essential garments for your tour attendance. Maybe you'll already have similar items in your wardrobe, in which case, you'll already be one step ahead for your Rihanna concert look.

1. The Shoes

Puma Basket Sneakers In Blue & Black Metallic, $114,

Although every collection of Fenty for Puma has sold out quickly, that doesn't mean you don't need a pair of Puma sneakers in your life. These metallic ones are the perfect punky kicks for anyone who doesn't particularly like sneakers. And remember: You want to be comfortable. Anybody who wears anything heeled to a concert has my utmost respect, because I don't know how you do it.

2. The Accessories

Convertible Gold Chain Necklace, $45,

Lavender Faux Fur Fanny Pack, $60,

Statement accessories are the easiest way to make a comfortable outfit stylish, IMO. Plus, a fanny pack is the ideal bag to take to a concert, because you don't need to hold it or worry about straps when jumping around to "Work."

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3. The Dress

Shirred Bodycon Mesh Dress, $48.37,

Mesh Waist Short Sleeve Bodycon Dress, $25.50,

Mesh is one of my favorite looks in general, but it's breathable for a concert and that's why you need it. Plus, it's an instant edgy look, which Rihanna will be expecting from you.

4. Finishing Touches

Ultra Matte Lip in Privacy Please, $6,

Color Pop has been receiving wild reviews from every American I follow on Twitter, and for that price, I can see why. Tie in your accessories with your lipstick and feel confident that the shade won't wear off by the end of the show. Rihanna's statement lip colors are legendary at this point, so represent RiRi authentically with a lavender lip.

These are looks that I think would be awesome for any event, but especially Rihanna's Anti World Tour. Now that your outfit prep is out of the way, you'll hopefully be free to get as excited as possible for Rihanna's visit in your town.

Images: Courtesy Brands