Steal Demi Lovato's Lipstick Print Style

Lipstick! It's not just for lips anymore. Seriously! Singer Demi Lovato rocked a lipstick print jacket, matching her hot pink lips, her nails, and her coat. That jacket? It's easily one of the most lust-worthy and covetable pieces I have seen Lovato, who has long been known for her love of sexy, black, edgy, and rocker looks, wear. It was an insanely adorbs "three-fer," as Lovato did the "matchy matchy" thing in the absolute right way. It was cute but not too cutesy. It was statement-making without being too literal. So, yeah, she nailed it. No pun, but it's really about the lips.

Lip and lipstick prints are always so cute 'n' cool — like Zendaya's lip print dress.

It looks like Lovato is wearing Giamba's Lipstick Print Bomber jacket. The original price of that coat is nearly $1700. But it's on sale for just over a grand —still very pricy— via Saks. If you want to copy Lovato's lipstick look with this version, well, you'll be going into some serious debt and might need to wear the jacket daily in order to make the cost-per-wear justifiable. But that's a good thing, since the jacket is so cute that you will never want to take it off.

Or you can rock a comparable, affordable option.

Let's observe Lovato in her lipstick... literally. The lipstick print is essentially everything.

Lovato and her lipsticks. Isn't this jacket just incredible?

Giamba Lipstick Print Bomber, $1,008, Saks Fifth Avenue

What a playful take on the puffy, bomber silhouette. The lipstick bullets certainly add a feminine, youthful touch to this ever-popular shape.

Check out the bomber from the back. "I have too many lipsticks," said no one ever! Imagine putting a few lippies in the pocket.

If you can't shell out a thousand bucks for a jacket, which most of us can't, you have a cute alternate option.

Blue Contrast Lip Print Jacket, $30, Maykool

This cobalt blue jacket with a red lip print is a more affordable but equally as cute version. It's not lipstick print, but it's all sorts of pouty puckers. It's also poppin' with color. It will dress up any otherwise monochromatic outfit with the hues and graphics.

Lipsticks or lips! It's all in the same family.

Lip Print Leggings, $16, ETSY

Again, not lipstick bullets, but just as amazing.

There are plenty of lip print and lipstick print items on ETSY if you want to get lippy like Lovato.

Images: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images; Courtesy Brands (4); Courtesy ETSY (1)