These 2016 Prom Hairstyles Are Pretty & Modern

While prom style may usually be all about finding the perfect dress, we actually have so much more to worry about: Perfect prom hairstyles, perfect prom shoes, perfect prom accessories. The list is endless. You probably want to be classic, but not boring; modern, but not too out-there; totally yourself, but so stylish everyone else sees the beauty in your outfit, too.

When it comes to your mane, there are the traditional styles to consider first. Curls will always look good, but everyone's going to have the bog standard half-up, half-down, formal style of ringlets, right? What you need is something that you won't cringe at in 20 years time. (Like you probably do whenever you peak at your mom's prom pics.) But you also need something that will look great on your Instagram now as well.

The following list of 2016 hairstyles is a pretty even mix: Classic looks that your mom and your future kids will probably love, as well as modern ideas that'll stand the test of time and garner loads of social media likes right now. When it comes down to it, the hair has to match your outfit, too, so keep that in mind and pick the style that you like the most. Not what others think would be best for you.

1. Hair Tattoos

Á la Kylie Jenner in summer 2015, hair tattoos are the chicest way to accessorize your mane without actually having to wear any hair accessories. You can make any classic hairstyle have a modern edge with a gold or silver hair tattoo.

Scunci Hair Tattoos, $4.99,

2. Twist Bun

Simple and elegant, this is the kind of hairstyle that'll be perfect if you have a busy dress or a statement piece of jewelry you want to focus on instead.

3. Braided Up-Do

With this pinwheel bun, you can box your braids into an up-do.

4. '50s Hollywood Vibes

This look has been rocked by every celebrity I can think of, probably since the '50s. It's so glamorous and gorgeous that it could never go out of style.

5. Finger Waves

Go further back in time with this '20s hairstyle that I rocked to my university graduation last year. It's an unexpected but stunning look for all hair types.

6. A Wig

Pull a Kardashian and rock a wig that's a totally different hue to your natural hair. It's guaranteed to be memorable.

7. Slicked-Back Pony

This is definitely a modern take on glamour, but it's traditionally glamorous at the same time. I'd definitely rock the look if I had longer hair. Plus, having your strands off of your face will make dancing and keeping your makeup intact way easier.

8. An Alternative Tiara

Golden Flower Halo Headband, $20,

My advice is to stay away from the over-done flower crown. But the right hair accessory can take even the most boring hairstyle to the next level. If the accessory is that good, plan your 'do around it — as you might with this gorgeously intricate halo headband, for instance.

9. Pin Curls

Another vintage look for babes who can't get enough of all things retro.

10. Voluminous

Instead of slick and sleek curls, you can go for ones that have as much volume as possible. The higher the hair, the closer to God. And don't worry about potentially damaging your mane by over-teasing it. This tutorial requires no teasing whatsoever.

11. Totally Straight

On the other hand, dead straight, sleek hair can produce just as much glamour as the high curl counterpart. It's harder to maintain throughout the night, but totally worth it.

Hopefully with this array of options, you'll have at least a couple of ideas for what you're going to do come prom. The tricky part will be picking just one look. (Unless you're planning on sneaking into some other proms, too.)

Image: Lacy Nicole/YouTube