How To Tease Your Hair With Minimal Damage

Teasing your hair doesn't have to be a hair taboo. In fact, when you figure out how to tease your hair properly, you can can get massive amounts of volume and lift without causing a lot of damage your strands. All you have to do is tweak your teasing process in order to make it more helpful for your hair rather than harmful. With just a few small changes to your styling routine, you can take your hair from flat and limp to bold and vivacious.

To get a tease that lasts, it's all about the prep work. Starting off with manageable strands is the best way to ensure long-lasting lift. I find that for my slippery, fine hair, I need a bit of roughness and texture for my hair to hold any sort of volume. I like to start off by spraying my dry strands with a bit of dry shampoo or texturizing spray in order to give by strands some extra grip. Once, you're hair is completely prepped, it's time to get teasing. Be sure to go slow, and take your time with this style. You don't want to end up looking like a bird's nest. Want to know what else you can do to get volume without excess damage? Here is a how you should be teasing your hair in order to avoid damaging your strands.

1. Start With Dry, Cooled Hair

When it comes to pumping up your tresses, always start with fully dried hair. According to, wet strands are more susceptible to damage and breakage, so keep your hair feeling their best by only teasing it when it's dry.

2. Choose The Right Tool

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Backcombing hair can sometimes be a strenuous process. Make things much more simple by choosing a tool that does the work for you. Personally, I love using a teasing brush with a fine tipped end and bushier bristles. I find that the pointed handle is perfect for creating even sections, while the bristles help to create a fuller tease.

3. Comb The Hair Throughly Before Teasing

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This step may seem counterproductive as you'll be adding in tease, however, starting off with a smooth canvas is essential for styling. According to, brushing your hair prior to teasing helps to minimize tangles a.k.a. further hair damage.

4. Work In Small Sections

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Get the most bang for your buck by working in smaller sections when teasing the hair. This allows your comb to concentrate on a particular section, which will give you more localized volume in that area. Doing this all over the hair will ensure maximum volume and lift.

5. Spray Before You Play

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After you have grabbed a section of hair, spritz the section with a small amount of texturizing spray or hairspray to add hold. According to, spraying the hair with product before teasing will help to give a "foundation for volume" without causing excess damage to the hair.

5. Tease Properly

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Once your section is properly sprayed, play your comb behind the section, and slowly comb the hair back towards your scalp. Now, don't get aggressive. recommends that the easiest way to tease without causing loads of damage is to only comb downwards (not up and down). This method causes less tangles and damage, while still adding volume. Basically, you just want to mush you strands as closely to your scalp as possible.

6. Don't Forget The Back

A huge mistake that happens when teasing our hair is that we can sometimes forget to tease the section behind our crown a.k.a. the back of the head. This mistake is understandable as you really only see the front sections when looking in a mirror. However, make sure to get an even, realistic looking style by backcombing all the sections of your hair.

7. Smooth The Top Sections

Once your hair is thoroughly teased, be sure to smooth down the top sections of the hair with your comb. You don't want to walk out of the door looking like you've been zapped by lightening.

8. Set With Hairspray

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Teasing and hairspray go hand-in-hand. Lock your volume in place by spritzing your tease with hairspray.

9. Remove Knots With Ease

Don't head to the shower just yet once you're ready to depuff your hair. Instead, suggests brushing out the tease using a wide tooth comb. Start by combing through the bottom sections, and working your way up. This will help to minimize the damage to your hair.

Who said big, beautiful hair had to be damaging?

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