11 Gorgeous Co-ord Sets To Stand Out At Prom

It's prom season, y'all. Amongst all the excitement and stressing out over the tiniest details, you're going to want to sort out your attire first and foremost, which begs the question: Have you thought about wearing a co-ord set for prom? Now before you choke on your delicious S'mores Frappuccino in the middle of Starbucks, hear me out. Most folks get to experience prom only once in their life, so instead of following the crowd, why don't you do you and pick something that suits your personality more, like a quirky co-ord set?

There are so many reasons to wear a non-traditional prom outfit, but IMO, the strongest contender is the simple fact that you shouldn't feel pressured to wear something you don't like or don't feel comfortable in just because everyone else is wearing it, dresses included. Believe it or not, prom has evolved since we older millennials partied hard at our early '00s proms, wearing our strapless dresses and shawls, our hair styled into wispy up 'dos, when the most popular jock and cheerleader were crowned prom king and queen. Thank goodness for societal progression which, in recent news, meant that a lesbian couple are currently running for prom royalty.

Although there's still much work to be done in the prom world – especially in terms of ridiculously archaic prom dress codes – you can stay true to yourself by ditching prom dresses and picking cool co-ords instead.

1. The Pretty Pastel Pair

Asos Pretty Lace Bandeau Top Co-ord, $43, Asos; Premium Prom Skirt In All Over Floral Lace Co-ord, $114, Asos

Girly girls who are searching for something unique are sure to love this super feminine, pastel co-ord set.

2. The Original Vintage Set

1950s Gold Brocade Star Leaf Print Top And Skirt, $40, Etsy

Vintage lovers will get to feel like a golden girl for the night in this decadent original '50s set.

3. The Modern Floral Co-ords

Tammy Strappy Crop & Full Midi Skirt Co-ord Set, $35, boohoo

For a contemporary twist on a classic floral dress, go for modern flower print co-ords.

4. The Dusky Pink Set

Dalis Slinky Wrap Mini Skirt Co-ord Set, $30, boohoo

Become a modern day Regina George – without the cattiness – in this lovely dusky pink co-ord set.

5. The Floaty Maxi Set

Asos Tall Cami Top In Pretty Floral Print, $41, Asos; Tall Wrap Maxi Skirt In Floral Print, $81, Asos

This enchanting, floaty co-ord set is especially for you tall girls of the world! You're welcome ladies.

6. The Ruffle Set

Meeka Double Ruffle Crop & Midi Skirt Co-ord Set, $30, Boohoo

Transform into a contemporary Sandy from Grease with this sassy, off the shoulder ruffle top and midi skirt combo.

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7. The Heavy Metal Set

Night Plunge Neck Co-ord Top In Premium Embellishment, $68, Asos; Night Embellished Pencil Skirt Co-ord, $81, Asos

If you can't dress like a member of a galactic royal family on prom night, when can you? These opulent, embellished co-ords are sure to make you stand out in the sea of chiffon dresses.

8. The Crotchet Co-ords

Crochet Crop Top And Mini Skirt, $155, Topshop

Exude some major Virgin Suicides vibes in these pristine, white crotchet co-ords.

9. The Alternative LBD

Beatrix Cap Sleeved Cut Work Midi Co-ord Set, $26, Boohoo

If you were thinking of going to prom in a classic LBD, why not make your ensemble a little more edgy by wearing all black co-ords with pretty details?

10. The Dark Florals

Keepsake Rip Tide Set Top, $80, urbanoutfitters; Keepsake Rip Tide Set Skirt, $110, urbanoutfitters

Perhaps you want to wear florals without coming across as overly girly? These dark floral co-ords will help you achieve your desired look.

11. The Kitsch Co-ords

2 Piece Dress Ice Cream '50s Co-ord Set, $122, Etsy

Retro fashion fans will love these cute, kitsch co-ords with their ice cream print and net under layer. Your personality will easily shine through at your prom in this fun ensemble.

When you've got your outfit in the bag, don't worry about the small stuff and make sure to have a ball on your prom night.

Images: Courtesy Brands