SJP Defends Her Met Gala Choice

The Met Gala is always a very polarizing event, and this year's certainly brought the drama. Overall, it seemed the public was none too impressed with Sarah Jessica Parker's Met Gala outfit, so she decided to come out and defend her choice, according to People. If you were one of the haters, you'll lay off the criticism once you hear her rationale.

Parker's Met Gala ensemble — simple pants and a jacket — was definitely a surprising choice, given that most stars wear elaborate gowns, and fans spared nothing when calling her out on social media. From comparing her outfit to Hamilton to just straight out calling her disappointing, it was obvious that fans were not having her choice. One blogger, Ivy Marshall, rounded up her worst picks from the event on Instagram, including SJP, Diane von Furstenberg, and Madonna, and captioned it "The 2016 Met Gala Theme was "Manus X Machina; Fashion in the age of technology" and this trio didn't get the memo @sarahjessicaparker @dvf @madonna #fashionforward #Metgala #fashionblogger #ivymarshall."

But Parker was not having the whole "haters gonna hate" thing. The actor commented back on the Instagram photo, defending her choice. She said, “Always welcome thoughts but I’m a stickler for the theme and pay close attention to what it means. Every year with great consideration, research and conviction. The understanding of man and machine, how they intersect, when and why is what we considered. Perhaps you weren’t aware of the technology used in the details and embellishments of the design. Or perhaps you simple didn’t like that I wore which is completely fine but you can’t accuse me of not paying close attention and adhering to the theme. With respect and warmest regards, sj.”

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So the take-away: You don't have to like what she was wearing, but you can't accuse her of not following the theme. And given her involvement with and passion for the fashion world, that's totally a bigger insult than just not feeling her choice. And some people on Twitter are in total agreement.

The blogger, Ivy Marshall, has come out on Twitter to apologize to Sarah Jessica Parker.

You don't have to get it, you don't have to love it — but don't say she didn't follow the theme, or you're going to get shut down. Well played, SJP.