This Fast Food Chain Made An Edible Nail Polish


I'm not going to lie. I don't eat fast food very often, but sometimes I get a random craving for KFC's fried chicken and can't stop thinking about it until I've satisfied it. Turns out, I could be able to get that signature KFC flavor sans calories pretty soon. How, you ask? It turns out KFC designed an edible nail polish that tastes like its fried chicken, and tasting its secret signature blend of 11 herbs and spices could be as easy as licking your finger.

That's right, KFC actually created a nail polish that not only tastes like its fried chicken, but is edible. According to AdWeek , the company worked with McCormick spice scientists to develop the formula. It applies and dries like a normal nail polish, but when you lick your fingernail, it tastes like the company's two most popular recipes: Original and Hot & Spicy fried chicken. It sounds kind of crazy, but hey, fried chicken fans could be totally into this.

Unfortunately for those of us in the United States, the nail polish is being released Hong Kong and is designed to "increase excitement around the KFC brand," there, according to Ogilvy & Mather creative director John Koay. (The global ad agency designed the campaign).

Totally brings a new meaning to the company's catchphrase.

The company even released a music video to go along with the campaign. The polish colors look kind of cool, right?

The bottles are surprisingly chic, and it looks like the polish comes in a fiery orange shade and a sparkly nude one.

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Of course, KFC isn't the first food brand to think of crossing into the beauty world.

Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker, $2.50,

I mean, is there any lip balm as famous as Dr. Pepper-flavored Lip Smacker?

Ben & Jerry's Lip Balm — Mint Chocolate Cookie, $8.18,

Ben & Jerry's Lip Balm — Strawberry Kiwi Swirl, $8.18,

Ben & Jerry's has its own lip balm as well, which comes in mouthwatering flavors like Mint Chocolate Cookie and Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet.

Even Pizza Hut got in the game a few years ago with its Eau de Pizza Hut perfume, from a marketing stunt a few years ago.

So I guess this could actually be a good business move for KFC. Can't wait for the first reports of what this polish actually tastes like.

Images: KFC; Courtesy of Brands