The Low-Rise Jean Trend Is Coming Back

The past few years, high-waisted (or at the very least, mid-rise) jeans have been supreme. From vintage cut-offs to high-rise skinnies, it seems like everyone was sporting this waist-highlighting trend. I work at a modeling agency by day, and for years, high-rise jeans have been the go-to casting outfit for models around the world, but lately, we've started to notice a change: Low-rise jeans are making a comeback.

One of the models I represent was working with a team in New York and the stylist went through her clothes. She ended up obsessing over her old pairs of low-rise jeans from middle school, rather than the high-waisted jeans that have been the reigning denim of choice for fashion people, especially models. After hearing this story, I thought, "Hmmm are low rise jeans coming back?"

The answer? They totally are. Maybe not to the extreme that they were back in the early-2000s (think Paris Hilton circa The Simple Life — too low), but definitely lower than they have been in a while. I also attribute this trend to the consistent popularity of boyfriend jeans, which almost always sit low on the hips. Not to mention, low-rise anything is more comfortable to me. I threw on an old pair of Hollister jeans from high school the other day and it just felt so... right.

If you're ready to hop back on the trend, here are 11 pairs of low-rise jeans that will remind you how comfortable you were in 2005.

1. This Classic Pair From Levi's

524 Skinny Jeans, $40, Levi

Classic wash, classic rise. What's not to love about these low rise Levi's?

2. These Black Low Rise Skinnies From Express

Black Low Rise Extreme Stretch Jean Legging, $80, Express

These black jeans will give you the oft-talked about model off-duty look we all adore so much.

3. This Distressed Pair

Women's BLANKNYC 'Good Vibes' Distressed Skinny Jeans, $88, Nordstrom

These medium wash jeans hit perfectly at the ankle and have just the right amount of distress.

4. These "Leather" Jeans

Paige Denim 'Verdugo' Coated Ultra Skinny Ankle Jeans, $209, Nordstrom

These pants look like leather. Enough said.

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5. These Low Rise Flares

AEO Denim X4 Artist Flare Jean, $45, AEO

If this doesn't remind you of your youth, I'm not sure what will. But good things always come back around, right?

6. These Boyfriend Jeans

A&F Allie Low Rise Boyfriend Jeans, $30, Abercrombie

They say Abercrombie is having a renaissance. The return of low-rise jeans will only help them get back on top.

7. These Gray Low-Rise Jeans

Plus Size Low-Rise Skinny Jeans, $16, Forever 21

The lighter wash is perfect for those of you who love black, but don't want to die of heatstroke in the summer (i.e. me).

8. This Light Wash Pair

Super Skinny Low Jeans, $10, H&M

A simple pair of low-rise jeans to ease you into the rebounding trend at a very affordable price.

9. These Low-Rise Shorts

Low-Rise Denim Shorts, $12, Forever 21

Who said the low-rise trend was only for pants?

10. These Cool Lace-Up Low-Rise Flares

BDG Tyler Low-Rise Lace-Up Flare Jean, $40, U rban Outfitters

OK, these jeans are sweet and it's taking every ounce of willpower I have not to buy them as I write this.

11. This Stonewashed Pair

Petite Whitby Skinny Low Rise Jeans in Azure Light Stonewash, $33, Asos

Really digging the bright blue color of these skinnies. And the stonewash gives them an old school touch.

Images: Courtesy of Brands