The UD x 'Alice' Palette Lands At Sephora

If you're one of the makeup fans who stuck it out to see this collection in stores before falling down a rabbit hole, you may be wondering: is Urban Decay x Alice Through The Looking Glass sold out at Sephora? Even though the collection has been available online since Sunday, it has finally been released in stores as well. And if you're an early bird out to catch the makeup worm, then you may be in luck!

I called a few large-market stores on the east coast who were able to confirm that the collection was still available in Sephora stores as of 11 a.m. EST. However, if you're determined to purchase the collection as soon as possible (it's also available at Ulta locations), I would recommend having a game plan laid out. Because there's no doubt these pieces will sell out, and fast!

Urban Decay revisited the Disney franchise after its Alice In Wonderland palette released in conjunction with the film in 2010, sold out just a few days after launch. The brand out did itself with the Alice Through The Looking Glass collection, which includes a beautiful palette featuring 20 shades and five pretty lipsticks. Plus, four shadows and one lip color are assigned to each of the five main characters in the story, Alice, Time, The Mad Hatter, Mirana, and Iracebeth. Very on theme!

Taking inspiration straight from the source of Lewis Carroll's eccentric fantasy, this collection does a great job of building anticipation for the film, in theaters May 27, and of using the classic story as inspiration.

The palette, priced at $60, features bright bold shades in blues, greens, and purples, and also a variety of neutral s like dusty grays, browns, and pinks. The lipsticks are $18 a pop and come in blue, red, purple, plum, and nude. This collab is seriously worth going mad over.

Just look at that palette! From the pop-up butterflies to the "We're all mad here" inscription on the mirror, it's unlike anything in my makeup collection, that's for sure. And don't even get me started on the lip colors. Doesn't that dark blue look so Mad Hatter chic?

Considering how Urban Decay's last Alice collection went, this may sell out in stores quickly. But it's certainly good news that there are still some products available in Sephora stores, since those of you who have your heart set on the items can grab them and go. Call ahead and ask your local branch if they have the collection in stock.

Go, go, go!

Images: Urban Decay Cosmetics/Instagram