Makeup Tips For When You Just Don't Have Time

We've all been there. You totally oversleep and barely have time to dress yourself, let alone apply makeup. Or you're meeting ran over and you now have a mere three minutes to make yourself up before a night out. It's why tips for doing your makeup in a rush are both essential and life-changing. Well, maybe not life changing. But they help a lot.

I used to work in an industry in which I was expected to attend client events at least once a week in the evenings. And it was also an industry where you could get sucked down a rabbit hole of work just before 6 p.m. and suddenly it's an hour later and your coworkers are all waiting for you. It was times like these I needed to apply makeup with the utmost efficiency — not to mention I was usually using limited products since I only kept a few basics in my desk.

If this sounds familiar, then you too could probably benefit from a few solid on-the-go makeup hacks. And look no further, because here are 11 super easy and time-efficient tips for applying makeup when in a rush.

1. Use Lipstick... Everywhere

OK, this one's a personal tip that I have 100 percent used in a bind. When desperate, I'll take my lipstick and gently dab it on the apples of my cheeks as well as my eye lids and rub in. It adds a subtle pop of color to each area of my face and is perfect for those times when you hadn't planned on going out.

2. Apply Lip Color To Just The Center Of The Lip

Lisa from the Blush YouTube channel recommended dabbing lipstick on just the center of your lips and then dapping with your fingers and rubbing together with your lips. This will create a touch of color, but it's imprecise enough that you can do it while walking or in a car. Jump to 2:14 of the above video to see the results.

3. Ditch The Foundation

Anokhee Oza from's YouTube channel said when you're running late, simply conceal imperfections with concealer and then powder your T-zone. The result is a way more finished look in a matter of seconds.

4. Smudge Your Eyeliner With A Q-Tip

Eye liner is perhaps the most time consuming part of the entire makeup application process, which is why Oza recommended applying it quickly and then smudging it with a Q-tip. You won't necessarily get a precise cat-eye with this method, but it's great for accenting the eyes in a pinch. I sometimes just run some dark eye shadow along the base of my lid with a thin brush for a similar effects.

5. Use A Multi-Purpose BB Cream

Rimmel BB Cream, $6, Amazon

Lifestyle vlogger and YouTuber Rachel Talbot emphasized the convenience of using a multi-purpose, one-step BB cream that will combine your sunscreen, moisturizer, and foundation needs into one. Plus, it saves you money and space since you don't beed to buy multiple products.

6. And Multi-Purpose Lip & Cheek Stains

Stila Lip&Cheek Stain, $29, Amazon

And leap-frogging off that last point, don't forget about multi-purpose cheek, lip, and eye stains! It's essentially like the very first lipstick tip, just way more legit and actually designed to work on multiple skin surfaces.

7. Use Your Fingers

In a compilation piece for the gbeauty site BeautyRiot, celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow noted that, “You can use your fingers for any beauty product or part of your face,” and that, "Using your fingers is a great way to feel how much product you are applying on your skin. If you blend each item properly, your makeup will look more natural than if you used brushes."

8. Grab The Champagne

Milani Bella Eye Gel Powder, $6, A mazon

Eye shadow that is! In a piece for Refinery29, makeup artist Troy Surratt said to keep it simple and stick with champagne, as it suits literally every skin color and "it's an all-over shade that will brighten the lids." I opt for a product that also has a little shimmer, as it instantly brightens my eye area.

9. Use A Scented Deodorant

Chloe Perfumed Deodorant Spray, $40, Sephora

While it's definitely on the pricier side, certain perfume-makers also create deodorants in their signature scents. While it not might be for everyday use, it's absolutely perfect for those days when you're running out of the house in a rush. And if you're trying to go easy on your wallet, you can always shop around for bolder scents in your favorite drugstore brands.

10. Opt For A Bold Lip

And finally, when all else fails and you're just totally out of time, opt for a bold lip color and go. I've always found that people are tricked into thinking I'm way more put together than I actually am when I'm wear a bold red lip, and more importantly, I feel way more put together too.

11. Always Have Facial Wipes

Honest 3-1 Facial Wipes, $9, Amazon

One of the best things I ever started using (like seriously, the best) are facial cleansing wipes. To be honest, I often use them even when I have plenty of time over a regular face wash that requires water and a sink just because it's so incredibly easy. Definitely have on hand for those days you just need all the help you can get.

You don't have to sacrifice feeling put together just because you're running late. And now you have a few solid makeup hacks in your arsenal for when time is of the essence.

Images: Pexels (4)