You're Going To Love Glossier's New Balm Dotcoms

If you're a fan of Glossier's amazing products, then get ready to have your weekend totally made, because Glossier is releasing three brand new Balm Dotcom flavors, and they are perfect for summer. Seriously, you're going to have a hard time deciding which one you want to try first.

Glossier is known for their skin first, makeup second approach, and their hydrating lip balm has become an instant fan favorite. Lipstick who? So luckily, we're getting three new flavors just in time for summer, including Rose (pink tint), Mint, and Cherry (red tint), and each one sounds better than the last. But fortunately, they aren't that expensive, so you can totally own all three.

The new balms use the same dense formula as the original, but they feature scents as well as sheer tints. It's basically like your middle school Lipsmacker obsession, but all grown up, and you know, more sophisticated and all that jazz. And they're also made with mood-boosting fragrance, so if you place the tube under your nose and breathe deeply, it'll give you an instant pick-me-up!

The balms will be available on May 9 exclusively on, and will retail for $12 each, or $30 for the set of three.

A subtle rose flavor on your lips — who wouldn't love that?

Mint is SO fresh.

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Cherry will give you flashbacks of your childhood, in the best way.

Are your lips ready? Mark your calendars for May 9, guys.

Images: Glossier