13 Cape Dresses For The 'Game Of Thrones' Lover

If the thing you look forward to most come springtime isn't Game Of Thrones, you're doing TV wrong. The HBO fantasy drama permeates every part of my life for a fine 10 weeks each year. So if you're a Khaleesi queen like me, you probably want the perfect cape dress to fulfill all your Daenerys-esque dreams.

A heck of a lot of detail goes into the Game Of Thrones costumes, but considering that you likely don't have millions of dollars available for creating a Game Of Thrones-inspired look, something as simple as a cape dress could create the same illusion for way less money.

Some of these capes are more in the tone of Khaleesi, Mother Of Dragons, than others. But going all-out for a floor-length white cape dress just isn't practical for the day-to-day. That said, I'm sure that if Game Of Thrones was set in a Manhattan bar, these would be the clothes that you'd spot Dany rocking while sipping the blood of her enemies.

Whether true to the HBO show or not, cape dresses are a strong look that can be totally versatile depending on styling. So get onto deliberating which cape dress you think will encapsulate the perfect blend of Daenerys' style and your own. Here are my 13 favorites.

1. Pastel Princess

Plus Size Chiffon Cape Maxi Dress, $50,

This one is perhaps a bit too gentle for actual Game Of Thrones action, but perfect for any upcoming summer weddings.

2. A Little Lacy

Nasty Gal Rodeo Lace Dress, $118,

With its nude lining, this Nasty Gal lace dress will give you some fresh-out-of-the-fire, holding-some-hatching-dragon-eggs realness.

3. A Real Cape

Studio Cape Dress, $119.90,

Also available in black, this one is almost more cape than dress, and I love it.

4. Something For The Evening

Slit Front Gown With Cape, $525,

I could totally imagine this on the red carpet, but that doesn't mean you have to be on a red carpet to rock the gorgeous gown.

5. Not Too Rusty

Curve Caped Back Vintage Skater Dress, $89,

The flowing material of this dress would make me feel like I could fly away in it.

6. Something Up Your Sleeve

Cape Sleeve Shift Dress, $16,

Bright and lovely, this cape sleeve dress represents a modern Khaleesi well.

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7. Disco Daenerys

Embellished Cape Back Mini Dress, $106,

Take your Daenerys vibes to the dancefloor in this amazing embellished cape dress.

8. Something Sheer

Plus Size Sheath Dress With Chiffon Cape Overlay, $148,

The sheer chiffon over a more structured dress gives the piece a pretty lovely effect, don't you think?

9. Goth Glamour

Cape Overlay Shift Dress, $85,

This is the ultimate "don't mess with me" cape dress. The kind of thing Daenerys would wear when she's off to behead someone.

10. Simple Yet Chic

Cascade Capelet Dress, $110.90,

I love the effect of a shorter front cape to balance the longer back. What a look!

11. On Trend Targaryen

Masking Cape Dress, $40.60,

That lace-up front thoroughly boosts this cape dress into 2016 style.

12. Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking

Pleated Maxi Dress With Drape Back Cape Sleeve, $138,

This dress from ASOS' recent wedding collection beautifully shows how a garment doesn't have to include only one feature: Less isn't always more.

13. Authentically Khaleesi

Jersey Capelet Gown, $159.90,

OK, this dress wasn't actually on the show, but it's pretty darn similar to one that was! Check it out.

With one of these dresses in your arsenal, you'll look like Game Of Thrones royalty in no time.

Images: Courtesy Brands; HBO