Is This The Most Adorable Place On Earth?

Okunoshima Island in Japan is home to hundreds of rabbits that roam the grounds freely, and no, I did not pluck this story from your wildest dreams. Known as Rabbit Island, it has become Internet famous for a video of a Japanese woman walking around the grounds while being trailed by the furry creatures. And we aren't just talking about five or six of them — we're talking dozens upon dozens of adorably fuzzy grey, white, and brown bunnies.

Per YouTube user Vitaly Petrukhin, the rabbits are tame and typically approach humans in a friendly manner while in search of something to eat. It's like feeding pigeons in the park or ducks at the duck pond, except BUNNIES! And these floppy-eared animals are fully deserving of their newfound fame and all the delicious bunny food they could ever want, because they and their ancestors have a sad story. In World War II, eight rabbits were brought to Japan to act as test subjects for mustard gas. They were since released into the wild and, clearly, they've multiplied. May they happily frolic in their bunny paradise forever more, and may more lucky tourists take awesome videos like this to share with us.