Check Out All The Photos Of Kylie's New Lip Kit

King Kylie has entered her title, people! Kylie Cosmetics is officially a force to be reckoned with in the makeup industry, and her latest release is proof that she's here to stay. All these Photos of Exposed, Kylie's New Lip Kit Shade prove it's the prettiest nude ever, and it's sure to be the next sell-out on the reality television star and beauty mogul's site.

While Kylie Cosmetics has expanded into both glosses and metal mattes, Jenner has stayed true to her own signature look. Currently, the star's Lip Kits are her most extensive collection of products. With colors from the deep burgundy of Kourt K to the sweet, girly pink of Posie K, the range is pretty expansive and suited to a range of skin tones. Now, Jenner has expanded the family with the Exposed Lip Kit.

According to Jenner's current Snapchat story, she has been sporting the new Lip Kit for weeks, and we've all been none the wiser. From chilling by the pool to chilling with her friends, it seems as though most of her social media appearances have also featured Exposed. Basically, there's photographic proof everywhere that Exposed is the perfect nude hue. While Dolce K and Candy K could both be considered nudes, they also feature deeper color than Exposed. Basically, it's going to be the staple neutral in Kylie's Lip Kit Arsenal, and it's easy to see why.

We already know it looks gorgeous in its packaging.

Flash photography? No problem there either. The color is still flawless.

The "Exposed" Lip Kit doesn't feature the same pink tone as some of the others, and it's a refreshing new look for the line.

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It's also markedly different from the other neutrals we've seen from Kylie Cosmetics.

If you're planning to rock a natural look, the new Kylie Lip Kit is definitely going to be your go-to. Just look at it on Jenner!

It's truly the prettiest nude ever, and who doesn't want a lip color that can be worn for any occasion?

It's official. The Kylie Lip Kit in Exposed is my new favorite. Sorry, Mary Jo K!