The One Thing Actually Needed For Pro-Level Makeup

Have you ever spent the better part of your morning seamlessly blending your makeup coverage, only to catch your reflection — mere minutes later — and noticed you're a few shades off? While your makeup skills are no doubt A-plus standard, your bathroom's makeup mirror could actually be to blame. Using natural light for makeup is as essential a part of your beauty routine as the products themselves.

If you don't have a great source of natural light (like a natural light makeup mirror), all the weird beauty tools in the world could still be powerless in the pursuit of professional-looking makeup. Luckily, technology has finally risen to your level, courteously providing you with the best lighted mirrors for beauty routines that reflect what you actually look like (novel idea, right?). A great light source will keep your own ceiling lights from casting shadows where they don't exist, in addition to adding clarity where you unknowingly settled for blurriness.

When you're able to go through your beauty routine actually using the correct makeup lighting, you'll never again be surprised by a wayward coverup line or heavy handed brush application hours later. Instead, you can get the beauty look you want, expertly tweaking it to your precise preferences the first time around.

The Natural Sunlight Mirror

Simplehuman Sensor Mirror 6.5" , $160, Amazon


• Sensor Lighting — mirror automatically illuminates as you approach, adjusting to your behavior

• Cordless; one USB charge lasts up to five weeks, and its LED light won't burn out or diminish for 40,000 hours (that's like one hour daily for more than 100 years!)

• 7x Magnification

• Five-year manufacturer's warranty

This is it: The end-all, be-all of makeup mirrors. Simplehuman's sensor mirror was recommended by no fewer than five different beauty sources (including XoVain, Hearst's Best Products, and Top Rate Ten — which had it sitting pretty at the No. 1 spot). Not only does this smart mirror learn your behavior and adjust its lighting accordingly (turning on as you approach, learning your movements in front of the mirror, and shutting off when you're finished), but the mirror head flips completely upside-down — and swivels in any direction you please.

The light color rate index of 90 means it more closely simulates natural sunlight than many other mirrors on the market, and because its light won't fade for 40,000 hours, you'll be seeing your true reflection — as is —at the same high quality every time you use it. One reviewer weighed in, and said, "The built-in electronics are well thought out and implemented — this is not your mother's vanity mirror!"

Best for Budget? Reviews Suggest Conair's Oval Double-Sided Mirror

Conair Oval Double-Sided Lighted Mirror, $35, Amazon


• Double-sided

• 7x Magnification

• Rotates 350 degrees

• Weighted base prevents mirror from toppling over when jostled

According to Hearst Best Products, Top Rate Ten, and even Beauty Mirror Expert itself, Conair's double sided lighted mirror is one of your absolute best options if you're on a budget. While the lighting isn't quite on the brightness level of Simple Human's, this one consistently ranks among the top ten because of its lightweight design and natural halo effect. This mirror even features an outlet for plugging in hot tools or other items when you're pressed for counter space. The mirror is connected to a five-inch clear power cord, so if you don't need to move your mirror from time to time, this may be your best budget-friendly bet for taking your beauty routine up a notch.

One user said, "For everyday makeup application this mirror does the trick. If you are looking for a lighted magnification mirror for a good price, I still recommend this." However, if you're really looking for a completely precise application, it may be better to stick to brighter lighting. Either way, applying makeup with natural-looking light is sure to make the entire beauty process much easier — from the application itself, right down to the lack of makeup color surprises come 3 p.m.

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