The Internet Loved The Crazy Kentucky Derby Style

To say that this year's Kentucky Derby fashion was over the top would be an understatement. When you mix crazy styles together with an iconic event, sartorial magic happens. While the headpieces are almost always the main accessory to see at the event, this year the Kentucky Derby memes and jokes were some of the best there's ever been. Because when someone wears something crazy, the Internet makes sure to take notice.

There was everything from social media powered brooches to bouquet hats at the event, making it one of the most memorable days of the year for fashion. It also happened to make it one of the most Tweeted about as well. People felt no need to hold back at all when it comes to Derby dressing, which makes the social media comments all the more hilarious. No hat went unnoticed this year on the Internet. Some of the jokes can even put Rihanna's bright yellow Met Gala outfit to shame, if you can believe it.

Because there's no theme of the event, Derby dressers go crazy with their outfits. While some keep it practical, it's the totally bizarre ones that get the most attention. Here are some of the best reactions to Kentucky Derby hats of the event.

1. Downside To Fancy Dressing

Fancy shoes aren't the best for walking around the racetrack.

2. Fancy Footwear

Blister + nude pumps = the perfect sponsor.

3. Homemade Hats

That is so very true. It must've taken some people hours!

4. Highlighter Pony

But seriously, what highlighter?

5. Doggy Derby

Well, that's one way to accessorize.

6. Horse Hats

Now that would be an event worth watching.

7. Derby Sloths

Not really sure how this ties in to the tradition, but I'll take it.

8. Fashionable Horses

When you put it literally, I guess that's correct.

9. Titanic Moment

That's just too good!

10. Fashionistas Everywhere

Who else better to commentate than the amazing over-the-top dressers themselves?

When fashion and horse racing combine, I guess that's what you get.