Photos Of Jaclyn Hill X Becca Part 2 Are Here

As every lover of a strong highlight knows, Champagne Pop is pretty much the best of the best. There’s nothing quite like it to get you glowing — until now. Finally, the first swatches of the second Jaclyn Hill X BECCA Cosmetics collab are here. And trust me, this highlight is just as good as you’d imagined it to be!

OK, so now that you’ve scrolled back up here from looking at those photos, let me fill you in on the details. Hill posted swatches of Champagne Pop’s “little sister” to Snapchat showing off its amazing sparkling capabilities. This latest version seems to be more white gold rather than rose gold, but that could just be the light. Where Champagne Pop was a pressed powder highlighter, this version appears to be a lightweight, liquid formula or perhaps a cream.

This really seems like it’ll be perfect for summer, so you better start saving up for this product now. You’re going to want to buy about ten of these as soon as they come out! I plan on slathering this on all over — well, at least on my cheekbones, brow bone, cupid’s bow and probably collar bones. OK, so everywhere. And I have a feeling that you have the same highlight strategy in mind. So, let’s all stare at those swatches some more.

Just look at it glow!

It looks incredible under a flash, too.

It's sooo sparkly. I just can't look away.

Yep, I'm sold.

You can see it looks a little less peachy than its big sis.

But I'm a fan of the lighter gold color, especially if it looks anywhere near as good as this.

And by the looks of those swatches, it will! So, let's get the champagne flowing, shall we?

Because this product deserves a toast!

Image: jaclynhill/Instagram (1); Giphy (1)