2016 Graduation Hairstyles That Work Under Hats

by Julia Musto

With so many of my younger friends graduating this month and having personally graduated from college just last May, I've decided to spread my wisdom and knowledge by sharing some 2016 graduation hairstyles that will look great under your cap. Hopefully worrying about this will take your mind off of the future looming terrifyingly in front of you!

The number one challenge you will tackle on graduation day, besides trying not to trip on the stage, is keeping your darn cap on the entire ceremony. When I graduated at Yankee Stadium, it was intensely sunny, but with a light breeze. This meant that not only was I sweating hard in my cap and robe, but also that my tassel was constantly hitting me in the face. There was absolutely zero way to look graceful; I had kept my hair down and unstyled, but that seemed to be the problem. I eventually just gave up.

Maybe if I had devoted more time and effort to trying out different styles and looks before the ceremony I could have identified a solution to that problem. I could have used braids and bobby pins to my advantage. I could have rocked a little blowout or beach wave, or maybe grabbed some hairspray and started singing "The Tide Is High" into my hairbrush, The Lizzie McGuire Movie style.

So, with this perfect vision in mind, I wanted to give you a few options so you don't end up regretting the chances you never took on graduation morning:

1. Side Pony Knit Braid

This is for all the people who need their hair sorted and held in place or love updos but know they can't do them with graduation caps.

2. Triple Twisted Ponytail

This is simple, low enough to work, and should come out of your cap pretty effortlessly.

3. Long & Curled Half-Crown

This is mostly a down hairstyle, but the dimensions of the braids and the curls make for a pretty memorable look. Plus, even if there is some wear and tear during graduation, it'll still look great.

4. Side Bun With Side-Wrapped Pony

If you don't do your up 'dos to the side you will likely look bald under that hat. This is a great option.

5. Fishtail Braid

This woman uses synthetic hair for the fishtail style, but also features several tutorials that only use her natural locks. This is a great video for ladies with natural hair because there are a bunch of ideas to choose from.

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6. Double Braids

Yeah, she's wearing a Yankees hat (Go Yankees!) but the principle is still the same and she totally looks Insta-ready.

7. Point Braids

OK, I'm officially obsessed.

8. Tiny Braids

So '90s.

9. Low Rolled Updo

It's just low enough so your hair will fit with your graduation cap!

10. Bubble Pigtails

If you have long hair with great volume or a natural curl, try these cuties out. They're great for all kinds of weather!

11. Tuck In

Seriously, just tuck your hair in and deal later? This works better for short to medium hair.

Have fun and good luck, Seniors!

Image: Julia Musto/Bustle